Recently Completed Korean Drama List

There are people who would like to watch the drama which is fully completed so that they need not have to wait for the next episode every week.  For those who hate waiting for the next episode, I made a list of recently completed Dramas.  Thanks for visiting my site.

Below there is a list of drama which has completed between January – February 2018.


There is around 14 Korean Drama completed between January to February period.  By January mostly all the interesting drama has ended and new drama in 2018  is not so interesting as that of around November – December 2017. Those times all the drama is a hit one. I watched all the drama around that time.

Money Flower, Just between Lovers, Nothing to Lose, Two cops, I’m not a Robot and Black Knight are the most interesting ones. I watch drama every day at that time since every drama is more fun to watch.  Since those dramas are ended by Jan – Feb time I don’t find any drama interesting recently.

In this post, I will give a short review why you should watch these dramas.


1. Andante


EXO Kai who starred in this drama is a transfer student who came to his hometown to study where he gets to meet Jin Kyung who is also a student in this school and fall in love with each other.

As for me this drama was good and watching one time will be good.  Some dramas will make me watch another time.  I watched the drama ‘My Love From the Star’ almost 30+ times still I watch that drama if I am bored. But this drama is not that extent.

2. Jugglers


Even though drama has an obvious story, I enjoyed a lot.  A story about a secretary who meets an arrogant introverted boss who is not social and the office between them.

At first, I decided not to watch this drama because of the obvious story but later I decided to watch it because of the positive comments this drama is getting on the drama page.  The first episode was not that good but the story progress it is getting interesting and more fun to watch.  I recommend this Drama a must watch one.

3. I’m not a Robot


This drama is a most popular drama during its airtime.  Yoo Seung Ho and Soo Bin are starring in this drama.  Here Soo Bin is soo cute in this drama and the Yoon Seung Ho character as an innocent by heart and strong character from outside is good.

Drama is getting more interesting as it moves on and the Chemistry between Soo Bin and Yoo Seung Ho was good.  This is a Must watch one.

4. The Black Knight


The black knight drama is not that good this drama is an average one.  Maybe watching one time is good.  For some reason, I dropped this drama after 10 episodes.  First 10 episode was good later I lost interest after Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung) found out about the identity of the Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won).  Maybe you might like the drama.  Just give it a try.

5. Double Victory


First few episodes of this drama peaked my interest as it is a revenge drama but not for long.  After 12 episodes drama started to slow down and the story keeps getting weirder and weirder and the main lead keeps getting beaten up from the bad guys one after another so I dropped this drama.

6. Two Cops


This drama was quite good as its plot is good and the detective drama is always good but you can watch it one time only.  Drama leads are good too and the twist in this drama made every episode interesting.  I waited every week to watch next episode.  I recommend this drama a must watch one.

7. Nothing to Lose


The drama was good too but it keeps on focussing only on the judges and the prosecutors.  There is no romance in this drama.  If romance was there this drama will be a good one.  Since this drama keeps on focussing on new cases and the trials and judges I kind of felt bored and dropped midway.

8. Just Between Lovers


A must watch drama for those who are likes the emotional genre.  I cried a lot in this drama.  The story goes slowly and emotionally as it goes on.  There is a sad love story in this drama.  This drama is too emotional and made me think a lot about life and difficulties people faces in life.  This Slice of life Drama is a must watch one.

9. Money Flower


I watched till Park Se Young gets to engage with the chaebol son. After that, I lost interest in this drama.  Jang Hyuk was good in this drama his character as a lawyer who does anything to get revenge for his parent’s death was so good.  He showed tremendous charisma as a lawyer in this drama.

10. Rude Miss Young Ae


I have not seen this drama.

11. Untouchable


I have not seen this drama.

12. Prison Playbook


I have not seen this drama.

13. Bravo My Life


I have not seen this drama.

14. Short


I have not seen this drama.

For detailed Description of these dramas please watch the video below: