Korean Drama Quotes

There are a lot of Korean drama Quotes.  Out of which These are the quotes I like the most.  Maybe there are more to it but these are the ones I read and liked it.  I hope you all will like it too.


Winter Sonata

If you’re really in love, appearances aren’t important. The best house is the one you build in each other’s hearts.

Angel eyes

With you, my heart has found its rhythm.

The moon that embraces the sun

You told me to forget you, you hoped that I forgot you, right? I’m sorry. I wanted to forget you, but I couldn’t do it.

Flower boy ramen shop

When you love a woman. She becomes a drink. She becomes the moon. She becomes the song. Then she turned into your world.

I’m Sorry, I Love You

God, if you do exist, I’ll promise you …If you let me have her next to me, I’ll give up everything right now. I’ll quietly die…

It’s ok That’s Love

To me, all loves are first loves.

Sugkyunkwan Scandal

When you feel as though you can’t go on and wished to raise your hands to surrender, when you feel frustrated that what’s before you is beyond your capabilities, and even if we ultimately come away with nothing, having to face defeat with empty hands, Kim Yoon Hee By your side, there will always be me.

Stairway to Heaven

People who love each other end up reuniting. No matter how far apart they are, they will reunite in the end. Love is something that returns.

It’s Okay, That’s Love

To feel love again, you only need a moment.

I Hear Your Voice

When I lost my memories, when I had erased you, I came to love you again. Even if I lose, by memories again, if that time you’re worried about comes, I’ll find you, and I’ll love you again.

High School love on

People I know run from injustice, and hurt others to protect themselves. But you’re different from the people I know.


At times, the road seems for and you may shed tears with a sad heart, but until the day everything becomes a memory, let’s be each other’s resting place.


Until there was you, I wanted aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I cried in anticipation of you.


In life, the thing that is important other than spirit is love. Even if you are poor, if there is love, you become a millionaire.

Good Doctor

The best miracle of all miracles is making the heart of the person you love beats.

Full House

I missed you so much… Loving someone is such a painful ordeal but I can’t stop myself from going to you.

Full house

I love you. So much that it feels like this universe will explode. For as long as it takes for the oceans to dry up. So much that I don’t care if my soul burns to ashes. I love you…

Flower Boy Next Door

Live is when you give half of yourself. And in that space, fill it with half of the other person.

Fated to Love you

While you’re with me, you can lean on me. My shoulders are broader than they appear. They are capable of supporting you.


If I can have you, I will protect you forever. For a lifetime.


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