K-Drama OST suggestions

Hi, guys, I know you all want to listen to new k-drama OSTs.  You know what you are lucky.  I am crazy Korean song fan and I listen to Korean drama songs only for the past two years and I am well versed in K-drama songs.  So I am giving suggestions for the people who are new and want to listen to good music.


I have classified the Korean Drama songs into following:

  1. Korean Drama songs (sorted out by Korean drama name)
  2. Romantic songs
  3. Sad and Emotional songs
  4. Songs based on Respective song artists
  5. Songs of Popular K-pop artists
  6. Other songs


1. Korean Drama Songs based on Drama name:

Here Korean drama songs are based on the drama name. Here all the songs of the drama will be listed.  For Example, Introverted Boss songs, The great Seducer songs,… like that.

2. Romantic Songs:

As for the Romantic Korean Drama Songs, I am making a list of song that is not soo sad.  I am sure you will like it.

3. Sad and Emotional Songs:

This column covers all the sad romantic songs and also other sad and emotional songs.

4. Songs based on Respective song artists

Song artist like Baek Ji Young, IU, and other solo artists songs will be sorted out in this category.

5. Songs of Popular K-pop artists

Songs of Popular Kpop artist songs will be sorted out in this category.

6. Other songs

Other songs provide various artist songs and other songs or music.