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The Beauty Inside Kdrama 1

  • Drama Name:  The Beauty Inside
  • Korean Name: 뷰티 인사이드
  • Episodes:  16
  • Release Date:  October 1 – November 20, 2018


  • Seo Hyun-jin as Han Se-gye
  • Lee Min-ki as Seo Do-Jae
  • Lee Da-hee as Kang Sa-ra
  • Ahn Jae-Hyun as Ryu Eun-ho


The story of a famous actress who disappears a certain period of time in a month.   She has a secret behind it.  Her face and whole body change at that time so she cannot show herself to others.  Sometimes she changes to man, and sometimes to a child and sometimes a foreigner and talks the language she never knew when she changes to a foreigner.

Lee Min Ki (Seo Do Jae) who is the CEO of a reputed airline company gets to meet her.  He has also a secret.  He is suffering from an inability to recognize the face of other people (prosopagnosia.).  They both meets, and their life changes.


I have watched the movie ‘The Beauty Inside’ and so I am expecting a good drama.  So far, it is good and I am really concerned since the story is totally different from the movie and the main characters also changed.  It will be good if Han Hyo Joo is a lead actress.  I like the Lead actors Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki.  They both are great actors and so I am expecting more from this drama.

The Beauty Inside Kdrama 2

The first two episode was good and I am sure that this new story will be interesting to watch too.  As for me, I am giving a rating of 8.3/10 for this drama.  This drama is good too but since I watched the movie it is hard to digest this new characters and story.  Anyway if you are new and haven’t watched the movie it will be a good one.

The Beauty Inside Korean drama OSTs:

  1. Rothy – 구름 (Cloud) | The Beauty Inside OST PART 1

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Is ‘The Beauty Inside’ worth watching?

Yes, definitely worth it.  I recommend watching the movie first so that the

Any K-Drama like ‘The Beauty Inside’?

There are a lot of supernatural dramas but till now I have never seen a drama similar to this drama.  There is a movie with the same name and have a different story and cast.

The Beauty Inside Drama OST suggestions:

My top Ost in The Beauty Inside drama is,

The OST of the drama is yet to release.  Till now I haven’t found any good OSTs.