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the ghost detective 3

  • Drama Name:  The Ghost Detective
  • Korean Name:  오늘의 탐정
  • Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: September 5 – October 31, 2018


  • Choi Daniel (Lee Da Il)
  • Park Eun Bin (Jung Yeo Wool)
  • Lee Ji Ah (Sun Woo Hye)


Choi Daniel (Lee Da Il) is a detective who takes on the job he finds it more suitable for him.  One time he took a job which led to his own death.  But he also learned how his mother has died from the incident.  Now he is a wandering soul, solving the mysteries behind his mother’s murder and Park Eun Bin’s sister death.


As for me, I liked the mysteries and the real murderer true identity.  The story is quite good in its own way.  It is worth watching.

Park Eun Bin (Jung Yeo Wool) who is doing a lead role in this drama is the only person who can see Choi Daniel (Lee Da Il) as he became a ghost.  These two works together to find the mysteries about the death of their beloved one.

the ghost detective 2

The Lee Ji Ah (Sun Woo Hye) who acts as a ghost which kills all the people who she finds a threat to her.  I have seen her differently in My Ahjussi as a cheating wife.  Now she is totally different from the previous dramas.  I kind of hate her in all the drama she starred.  As for Choi Daniel he has done a good job in this drama.  I liked his character in jugglers.

By the inclusion of a few other characters such as Lee Joo Young, Kim Won Hae, and Lee Jae Kyung the story is complete.

If you ask me is this drama worth watching, I will definitely recommend to those who like mysteries.  I am giving a rating of 8.5 for this drama.

Korean drama OSTs:

The Ghost Detective Korean Drama OSTs are,

  1. To You 너에게 – Park Na Rae (박나래) of Spica

  2. Shining 빛나던 – Cha Ji Hye (차지혜)

  3. Day 하루 – Lee Bo Ram (이보람)

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Is ‘The Ghost Detective’  Korean Drama worth watching?

Yes, definitely worth watching.  If you like mystery drama you must watch this drama.  It is definitely a thriller drama.

Any K-Drama like ‘The Ghost Detective’?

There are many other Korean Mysteries Drama with ghost and detective genre they are,

  • Cheo Yong 1 & 2
  • Bring it on Ghost
  • Who are You

The Ghost Detective Drama OST suggestions:

My top Ost in The Ghost Detective is,

  1. Day 하루 – Lee Bo Ram (이보람)


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  1. Ooh I haven’t seen a KDrama with a ghost type story yet! This sounds pretty cool. I tend to really like detective stories, so it seems to take two things I like and combine them. 🙂


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