Month: October 2018

The Beauty Inside Korean Drama | Plot | Reviews | OST | FAQs

The story of a famous actress who disappears a certain period of time in a month.   She has a secret behind it.  Her face and whole body change at that time so she cannot show herself to others.  Sometimes she changes to man, and sometimes to a child and sometimes a foreigner and talks the language she never knew when she changes to a foreigner.

Lee Min Ki (Seo Do Jae) who is the CEO of a reputed airline company gets to meet her.  He has also a secret.  He is suffering from an inability to recognize the face of other people (prosopagnosia.).  They both meets, and their life changes.


Terius Behind Me (My Secret Terius) Korean Drama | Plot | Reviews | OST | FAQs

Terius Behind Me is a story of a NIS agent who failed in a secret operation and so he is considered to have betrayed the country.  So he is now living as a normal peaceful life and totally discontinued from the outside world.  One day his next door woman’s husband was killed by someone and He recognized the murderer.  So in order to find the reason for Jung In Sun’s husband’s death he approached her and decided to work as a caretaker for her children.

Familiar Wife Korean Drama | Plot | Reviews | OST | FAQs

Ji Sung (Choi Joo Hyuk) is married to Han Ji Min (Seo Woo Jin).  He is working in a bank and Han Ji Min is a housewife.  They both married out of love and now they both despise each other and fight.  One day they got into a fight and then Ji Sung left home angrily.  Later he helped a stranger and the stranger gave two coins as a token of gratitude.  On his way home he passed through the usual road and found the toll gate which is never there. 

He then paid the toll with the coin the stranger game him.  Next thing he finds himself in the past to the time when he meets Han Ji Min for the first time.  He made a choice which he regretted later on.