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  • Drama Name:  Life On Mars
  • Korean Name:  라이프 온 마스
  • Episodes:  —
  • Release Date:  June 9, 2018–?

 Life on Mars Kdrama 2


  • Jung Kyung-ho as Han Tae-Joo
  • Park Sung-Woong as Kang Dong-Chul
  • Go Ah-sung as Yoon Na-young
  • Oh Dae-hwan as Lee Yong-gi


Jung Kyung Ho (Han Tae Joo) is a violent crime detective who got traveled back after getting hit by a serial killer on his head while solving the case.  He ended up in a coma and then he opened his eyes and found himself traveled back in time.  Now he lives in 1988 and doesn’t know why he came here.  He met the same serial killer who made him ended up in a coma.

Life On Mars Korean Drama Review:

Life on Mars is a remake of an American Series which aired in 2006.  The story is similar to the previous OCN Drama Tunnel.  The drama is quite a thriller and action too.  Drama is filled with a lot of mysteries.  Solving the cases one after another to unravel the mysteries behind the serial killer.

Life on Mars Kdrama 1

The intellectual fight between the serial killer and Jung Kyung Ho (Han Tae Joo) is intriguing.  I recommend to those who like to watch mysteries drama and detective drama.  Jung Kyung Ho (Han Tae Joo) along with Park Sung Woong and Go Ah Sung tracing the serial killer in order to get back to his original time.

 Life On Mars Korean drama OSTs:

Life on Mars Kdrama Ost has not released yet.


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1. Is ‘Life On Mars Korean Drama’ worth watching?

Yes, definitely worth watching.  In my opinion, you can watch the drama one time and the next time there will be no suspense and so it will be boring to watch.  Watch the drama of you like a suspense thriller and detective drama.

2. Any Drama like ‘Life On Mars Korean Drama’?

There are a lot of drama time travel drama but like Life On Mars Kdrama there are only a few,

  • Tunnel
  • Signal

3. Life On Mars Korean Drama OST suggestions:

My top Ost in  is,

(OST has not released yet.)


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  1. Some good observations and recommendations.

    The American series is based on the UK original series starring John Simm (one of the best actors out there) and Philip Glenister (who played an awesome role). For me, the American version came no where near the original. If you have the time, take a look at the UK version.

    A sequel was then made called Ashes to Ashes (yes, carrying on the David Bowie theme!) this time with Keeley Hawes and Philip Glenister. All I will say is this: the ending is something no one would have expected. It was very special, wonderful actually.


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