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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

  • Drama Name:  What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
  • Korean Name:  김비서가 왜 그럴까
  • Episodes:  16
  • Release Date:  June 6, 2018–?

 what's wrong with secretary kim


  • Park Seo-Joon as Lee Young-Joon
  • Park Min-young as Kim Mi-so
  • Lee Tae-hwan as Lee Sung-Yeon


Park Seo Joon (Lee Young Joon) parents are running a Large Corporation and he is working as a Vice President of the company.  His secretary Park Min Young (Kim Mi So), a highly capable secretary worked with him for 9 years, suddenly wants to resign her job.  Park Seo Joon (Lee Young Joon) who doesn’t want to lose her trying to persuade her not to leave him.  In order to make her stay with him, he made a deal with her.


Debak this drama is good and a lot of cute moments in this drama.  Park Seo Joon who is full of self-confidence, conceited and a lot of confidence in his looks.  But one day his secretary is suddenly quitting her job.  He does not want to lose her so he offered a big offer to her yet she refused his offer.  When he asked the reason for her leaving the company, she said that she wants to love someone and marry someday and if she is in the company she cannot able to do that.

what's wrong with secretary kim 1

In order to make her stay with him, he said that he will marry her.  There are a lot of cute moments in this drama.  I am sure everyone will like this drama.  Park Min Young has a pollen allergy so that she cannot go near any flowers.  Park Seon Joon, who does not know, brought flowers to her to persuade her to stay with him.  We all know Park Seo Joon cute moment in “Fight for my Way” with Kim Ji Won.  I am really into this drama from the very first episode.  If you like “Fight for my Way” then you will definitely like this drama.

 What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Korean drama OSTs:

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Kdrama OST has not been released yet. I will Update the OST when it is released.


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1. Is ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ worth watching?

Yes, you can watch this drama don’t just wonder if you can watch this drama or not.   Just watch the first episode and you will be hooked on this drama.

2. Any Drama like ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’?

There are a lot of rom-com drama like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim they are,

  • Fight For My Way
  • Coffee Prince
  • Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • Another Miss Oh
  • Marriage, Not Dating

3. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Drama OST suggestions:

My top Ost in  is,

OST’s are yet to be released.


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  1. Judging from the its webtoon, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is:

    – Definitely a RomCom drama – a kind of drama that is liked by many ordinary people who just need to laugh to release feel good hormones (endorphins). This drama also has excellent actors that made the interpretation of the webtoon is as expected so far.

    However, WWSK is:

    – Not a fantasy or supernatural drama (we have enough of fantasy drama, right?)
    – Not a gloomy, misery, melo, and full of mentally violence drama (too much gloomy drama is not good, we need something cheerful or that can make us laugh… we’re not masochist right?)
    – Not a detective or legal or action (full of violence) drama (we don’t want to get used to see violence, right?)
    – Definitely not a historical or sageuk drama (sageuk usually expensive drama, being economical but still profitable is maybe the way to go now).
    – And definitely not a science fiction or high technology such as AI kind of drama (many drama on this kind of thing is not believable).

    If you are watching other genre of drama at the moment, do watch this drama to balance the emotional impact of watching many Japanese or Korean drama to your life. LOL.



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