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Wow..!!! I watched this episode Live online.  It’s been a long time since I watched a drama Live online.  I am really wanted to see the next episode But I have to wait for another week.  Poor me.  Even though it is obvious what is going to happen in this drama next I am really curious how Seon Kang Jun and Gong Seung Yeon has performed in this drama.

Gong Seung Yeon started to gain my attention when she cast in “We Got Married” with Lee Jong Hyun.  She has shown her charms in “We Got Married”.  Her Brown eyes is really attractive.

As for Seo Kang Jun, I get to know him from the program named Roommate and I found him a handsome guy with attractive eyes.  As a boy, I am envious of his looks and his attractive eyes.

Are You Human? K-Drama Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Both Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) finally met at the last episode and then the human Seo Kang Jun got into an accident at the end of the last episode.  Now his mother saw the whole thing went to Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) and cried for help.  Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) went to hug his mother ( Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) rule is to hug those who cry in front of him) and he was stopped by the other professor who made the robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin).

Are You Human 1

Then the Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) who got into the accident is now in the coma state.  Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) secretary came to find him and found out his current situation.  He then insisted that Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) has to appear in the presentation that is going to happen next week otherwise it will be a big disadvantage for Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin).

Are You Human 3

In order to cover for the Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin), the secretary asked the Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) to come and do the presentation to save his place.  Kim Sung Ryung asked the Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) to take her son’s place and do the presentation and live in Seoul.

Are You Human 4

Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) went to Seoul with the secretary.  The secretary taught everything about how to behave in front of everyone.  The Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) is so clever and has hacking skills and hyperactive.  He can learn easily and quickly as he is a walking computer.

Are You Human 5

In the meanwhile, Gong Seung Yeon who got kicked out of the PK group and could not get another job because of that incident.  The Paparazzi reporter Gong Seung Yeon worked with on the hidden camera case told that Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) played with her in the hidden camera case and he let her capture the video even though he knows about it.  Gong Seung Yeon got angry and so he went to meet Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) at the presentation venue.

Are You Human 6

In the presentation since Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) is not present the presentation was done by Yu Oh Seong.  Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) made a quite an entrance in the presentation hall by coming out of the new auto driving car that was presented in the presentation.  Then he took over the presentation and asked Yu Oh Seong to sit and watch the presentation.

Are You Human 7

Yu Oh Seong who thought Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) was dead, surprised and ran out of words.  Yu Oh Seong really wanted to do this presentation and then he can take over Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) position by saying he is dead.  But his whole plan was ruined when the robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) appears.  Then the presentation went well and the Yu Oh Seong tried to humiliate Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) in front of everyone by asking a difficult question.  But Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) managed to change the topic into a funny one and shared his own thought about it.

Are You Human 8

During the presentation, Gong Seung Yeon entered the hall and shouted at Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) saying that her life got ruined by him and she could not get any job because of that incident.  While saying that tears came out of her eyes and so Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) hugged her in front of everyone.  Everyone was shocked about him hugging the victim of the hidden camera incident.

Are You Human 9

Then after that, she got kicked out of the presentation hall.  She was spaced out remembering what had happened at the presentation hall.  Now the presentation was over and the reporters are satisfied with Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) performance at the presentation hall.

Are You Human 10

Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) get to meet the CEO of the PK group and the grandfather of the Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) with his aunt and Yu Oh Seong.  He acted according to the instruction in front of them and ignored his grandfather and acted rudely as the original Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) would do.

Are You Human 11

Now he tried to go and meet Kim Sung Ryung but stopped by Park Hwan Hee the daughter of Yu Oh Seong.  She said she will tag along with him so he has no choice but to go with her.  So he went to a club with his secretary and Park Hwan Hee.  There he meets the reporter who is involved in the hidden camera case.

Are You Human 12

Then they went to the nearby restaurant along with the reporter and the secretary.  The reporter asked him to give the job back to Gong Seung Yeon as she is a victim in that case.  The secretary said that he will take care of that.  In the meanwhile, the fire accident occurred in the club where Gong Seung Yeon and Park Hwan Hee was there.

Are You Human 13

The Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) received the news and then he went into the club to save the victims of the fire accident.  He saved most of the people and Gong Seung Yeon was trapped under an iron pillar in the club.  When a huge iron stage about to fall on her Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) came for the rescue and stopped the pillar from falling and pushed back to save Gong Seung Yeon.

Are You Human 14

He then took the remaining iron pillar under which she got trapped and carried her in his arms.  She was blushing and her heart is racing as she was looking into his eyes.  The first romantic scene in this drama.  Her heart sound is so high that she said that it is Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) heart sound.  He replied saying that he has no heart at all.  The episode ended with a wonderful scene.

Are You Human? K-Drama Episode 3 & 4 Review

I am sure in the next episode the actress will never get to realize Seo Kang Jun (Nam Shin) identity even after witnessing his supernatural strength.  She will suspect something is off and so she will beg him to give her the job back which is shown in the preview.

Then she will go to the office of his and search anything is related to his supernatural strength.  But he will find her right away when she was hiding under the desk as shown in the preview.


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  1. Are You Human got off to a very strong start. There is a lot to like: the story, the acting, some of our favourite bad guys are in it and the quality of the sets and the production is of a very high standard.

    I think the Mum is very good, our lead pair are on the money and the way robot Nam Shin is learning to adapt to his new environment is done particularly well.


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