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Finally, My long waited Kdrama has released yesterday.  Wow, the drama is good and I am excited to wait for episode 5 & 6, the next week.  “Are You Human?”, the name implies the story.  Yes, it is a Drama about a Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) replaces the Human Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin).

Seo Kang Jun is a chaebol who is living with his grandfather because of certain circumstances and so he misses his mother.  He is a lonely child who he never gets along with others in his house.

Are You Human? K-Drama Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) is the son of Kim Sung Ryung, a scientist who is specialized in creating Robots.  He has grown up with his mother and one day his father was dead all of a sudden and so his grandfather threatened Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) and asked him to stay with him and leave his mother otherwise he has to lose his mother too.

Are You Human 1

Even though he was a child he took a decision to save his mother and thus he stayed with his grandfather.  Because of that, he hated his grandfather.  Kim Sung Ryung missed her son and so she made a Robot which looks just like him and named him Nam Shin.  She taught him all the things he could learn and she upgraded him as his son grows from a child Nam Shin to a fully grown Nam Shin.

Are You Human 2

Now she teaches the Robot how to walk on stairs and how to respond to others and how to react to others.  Now he can act like a fully grown man.  He can hack all the systems and can identify everyone just by searching them.  He can do all the things and now he wanted to learn how to smile and other things too.  Kim Sung Ryung taught everything she could to him.  He treated him as her own child and lived as mother and son for 15 years.

Are You Human 3

Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin), the human Nam Shin is arrogant and never obey his grandfather.  He has a lot of bodyguards to secure him from danger.  Gong Seung Yeon is one among them.  She takes the hidden camera of the Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) and sends it to a paparazzi and earns some money from that.

Are You Human 4

Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) doubted one of his bodyguards is responsible for that.  So he puts a trap to find the one who is responsible for the Hidden camera incident.  Gong Seung Yeon took the bait and so she got caught.  In the process of finding her, Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) slapped her in front of everyone.  The people present there took photos and videos and thus this incident went viral.

Are You Human 5

Now Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) is criticized for slapping a girl.  Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) took the plane in this circumstance to meet his mother by ditched his bodyguards and others in that chaos.  But unfortunately Yu Oh Seong found out about Seo Kang Jun’s plan and so he sent someone to tail him.

Are You Human 6

Park Hwan Hee is the daughter of Yu Oh Seong and also a director of the PK Group.  She is in love with Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) and she does not know what kind of man her father is.  Gong Seung Yeon father is a gym master and she was trained by her father.

Are You Human 8

In the Meanwhile, Gong Seung Yeon father came to the PK Group and caused a ruckus in the company’s lobby.  He wanted to meet Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) who hit his daughter.  Then the bodyguards who are present there told that she is the one responsible for the hidden camera incident.

Are You Human 9

He felt ashamed and left the place.  When they reached outside of the company he scolded Gong Seung Yeon for doing that and left to his gym.

Are You Human 10

Yu Oh Seong who found out about Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) went to meet his mother he wanted him to die there.  So he ordered the one who is following Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) secretly to kill him.

Are You Human 11

In the meanwhile,  the Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) is going to market with his mother Kim Sung Ryung and another doctor who build him.  Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) has given permission to shop on his own and meet them later.  So he went to different shops and buy different kinds of stuff.

Are You Human 13

The person who is tailing human Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) missed him and then he saw the Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) and followed him.

Are You Human 14

And finally, the Robot Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) saw meets the human Seo Kang Jun (Nam shin) while he went to meet his mother.

Are You Human? K-Drama Episode 1 & 2 Review

The story was good and I guarantee this drama will be a huge hit.  I am really into this drama from the very first episode.  Always my long waiting drama will always disappoint me.  This drama is interesting to watch and I am glad I saw watched this drama.

Seo Kang Jun doing an double acting in this drama and the character are good and the story is well made. Since this drama is a pre-produced drama and so I am positive the drama is gonna become a big hit.  I am feeling the same vibe of Descendant of the Sun as that drama too a pre-produced one.


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