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  • Drama Name:  Sketch Korean Drama
  • Korean Name:  스케치
  • Episodes:  16
  • Release Date:  May 25, 2018–?

 sketch Kdrama


  • Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) as Kang Dong Soo
  • Lee Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin
  • Lee Sun Bin as Yoo Shi Hyun
  • Jung Jin Young as Jang Tae Joon
  • Kang Shin-il as Moon Jae Hyun
  • Lim Hwa Young as Oh Young Shim


 Rain is a detective and he is a good fighter.  His fiance was murdered by someone and now he is hunting down the murderer.  Lee Sun Bin is also a detective and she has a power to see the future crimes and so she draws the sketch of what she sees.  The Sketch she draws will valid for only 3 days that means whatever see sees will occur in next three day from the time she is drawn.  Lee Dong Gun who is from special task forces in military and now he became killer and has a partner in crime who has the same kind of power Lee Sun Bin has.


The action in this drama is good and the story is good.  I may look similar to “While You Were Sleeping” but it is totally different kind of feel.  The drama fully focused on crimes and cases one after the other without any break.  Totally serious mood and a lot of mysteries to solve.

sketch Kdrama 3

Lee Sun Bin too did a great job in this drama.  Her character is somewhat similar to her previous drama “38 Task Force” in this drama.  Lee Dong Gun became a serial killer who receives the command from someone who has the same power as Lee Sun Bin.  Everytime Lee Sun Bin sees the future she will try to change the future but it is difficult to change it.

sketch Kdrama 1

Lee Dong Gun chooses the different path to change the future by killing the one who is responsible for the murder or Accident.  Lee Dong Gun killed Rains fiance on the order of one who can see the future just like Lee Sun Bin, even though she did not commit any crimes.  Now Rain is furious and so he is hunting down Lee Dong Gun to take revenge on his fiance’s death.

 Sketch Korean drama OSTs:

Sketch Korean drama Ost’s are,

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1. Is ‘Sketch Korean Drama’ worth watching?

Yes, this drama is quite good and interesting and the story is good too.  It is definitely the best crime drama in 2018 as of now.  I will recommend everyone who likes crime drama.

2. Any Drama like ‘Sketch Korean Drama’?

There is lot of crime Korean drama till now.  My favorite ones are,

  1. Signal
  2. Tunnel
  3. Voice

3. Sketch Korean Drama OST suggestions:

My top Ost in  is,

I don’t like any OST in this drama till now.


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  1. idk if the ost is released yet but here’s the list:

    1. Dzo (조) – 이 낯선 길에서
    2. Damon – Sailing
    3. Sunbi (선비) – 옅은


  2. I loved the way you review k-dramas. Ot has enough details but it doesn’t overwhelm eother! I review dramas too amongst other things! Your blog is really cool and I have made sure to follow to read more! Keep up the great work!


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