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Wok Of Love

  • Drama Name:  Wok of Love
  • Korean Name:  기름진 멜로
  • Episodes:  40
  • Release Date:  May 7, 2018–?

 wok-of-love 2


  • Lee Jun Ho as Seo Poong
  • Jang Hyuk as Doo Chil Sung
  • Jung Ryeo Won as Dan Sae Woo


 Lee Jun Ho is a famous chef in a popular restaurant, Jung Ryeo Won is a daughter of a rich man and Jang Hyuk is a former Gangster and an owner of a building.  Lee Jun Ho married to Chae Joo Young but she does not like him so they broke up after few months of the marriage and Jung Ryeo Won registered her marriage to her groom before her marriage ceremony and her marriage ceremony got ruined when her father company went bankrupt.  These three meets and started working in a restaurant.


The story revolves around a Chef, a former Gangster, and the bankrupt heiress.  These three meet and started to work in the same building.  Jang Hyuk who owns the building decided to close the restaurant in that building.  That time Jun Ho who is popular Chef in the Giant Hotel opposite to Jang Hyuk’s building got kicked out of the Hotel.  So he came to Jang Hyuk and asked him to rent the restaurant in that building.


In the meanwhile, Jung Ryeo Won whose wedding got ruined as the Groom and does not appear the wedding ceremony and also her father got caught for corruption on the same day.  Now that she has nowhere to go she just roams the streets.  Jun Ho who got kicked out and Jung Ryeo Won who lost everything meets on a bridge.  Jun Ho shared a fortune cookie with Jung Ryeo Won and checked the fortune.  Now she came to work in that restaurant where Jun Ho rented from Jang Hyuk.

Jang Hyuk falls for Jung Ryeo Won on first sight.  He said that it is unrequited love and so he can love as much as he wants.  Jun Ho who saw her being in the same boat pity her and so he helped her in many ways.  The drama is quite funny to watch and I recommend everyone who wants to have a good laugh.

 Korean drama OSTs:

These are all the OST released in ‘Wok Of Love’ Kdrama,

I will update other Ost of this drama when it is released.


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1. Is ‘Wok Of Love’ worth watching?

This drama is quite funny to watch and Jang Hyun is totally opposite to his character in his previous drama “Money Flower” as a charismatic lawyer.  He expresses his love for Jang Ryeo Won in a weird way and the viewers find it soo funny.

2. Any Drama like ‘Wok Of Love’?

There are many funny Korean dramas to watch some of them are,

  • Eulachacha Waikiki
  • Marriage not Dating
  • Modern Farmer
  • She was Pretty
  • Kill Me Heal Me

3. Wok Of Love KDrama OST suggestions:

My top Ost in  is,


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