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Rich Man

  • Drama Name:  Rich Man
  • Korean Name:  리치맨
  • Episodes:  16
  • Release Date:  May 9, 2018–?

rich man Kdrama 1


  • Kim Jun Myeon (EXO Suho) as Lee Yoo Chan
  • Ha Yeon Soo as Kim Bo Ra
  • Oh Chang Suk as Min Tae Joo
  • Kim Ye Won as Min Tae Ra


A genius programmer Lee Yoo Chan (EXO Suho) started a company named “Next In” and now the company is a popular game company in Korean industry.  He is suffering from a disease and because of that he could not recognize other people face and because of that, he could not remember his loved ones.  Ha Yeon Soo is a top student in her college days but she was unable to get a proper job.  Her only strength is she can memorize everything she reads in a short amount of time.  These two meets as boss and employee.


I have just watched the first two episodes and I can tell this drama is worth watching.  It is office romance drama and here a lot of mysteries are there too.  Lee Yoo Chan (EXO Suho) is searching for a woman he knows in the past and Ha Yeon Soo knows about the woman he is searching for.  Maybe she is the one he is looking for.  It is still unknown.

rich man Kdrama

One thing is that Ha Yeon Soo who is good at memorizing came to “Next In” for an interview and there Lee Yoo Chan (EXO Suho) scoff at her saying that she only passed the college just by memorizing and so there is no innovation idea in her.  He said that the company needs only innovative people.  He somehow got interested in her as she acts like someone he knows in the past.  As for me, this drama is quite good and worth watching and it will be added to my Kdrama collections.

 Korean drama OSTs:

These are all the OST released in ‘Rich Man’ Kdrama,

I will update other Ost of this drama when it is released.

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1. Is ‘Rich Man’ worth watching?

Ya, it is definitely worth watching one.  It seems like a good office romance Kdrama.  I will be adding it to my Kdrama collections.  EXO Suho’s acting was good in this drama.

2. Any Drama like ‘Rich Man’?

There are many other office romance like this drama they are,

  1. Hotel King
  2. Introverted Boss
  3. Falling for Innocence
  4. Lucky Romance

3. Rich Man KDrama OST suggestions:

My top Ost in Rich Man is,


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  1. This sounds like something I would completely enjoy! Thanks for sharing it! 😀 I’m just now diving into K-Drama, but I’ve been following your blog for a while, and you’re one of the people who’ve helped me want to get more into the medium Thank you!


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