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Daebak…!!!  Lee Sun Kyun found out that IU has hacked his handphone.  Now all I have to wait for another week to find out what happened.  Really fantastic.  Shocking one after other in this week.

Now I am worried about how he will see her as he already told: “if someone knows about the dark side him it will make him little awkward and makes him avoid them.” Good news is he finally became the director of the company.

My Ahjussi Episode 14 Recap

Lee Sun Kyun came out of the interview once the interview was over and searched for IU.  But she was still not there so he got a bad feeling about this so he went outside taking his cell phone with him.  He called Jung Ae but she didn’t answer the call.  Then he called his elder brother he too working so he doesn’t want to disturb them so said its nothing and hang up.

My Ahussi 1

Now he came to the office thinking where she might be and called her grandmother’s care center.  She is not there too.  Suddenly one of the employees shouted and said there is a news about IU. It was the news about IU killed someone before.  Everyone was shocked and the Lee Sun Kyun’s co-workers too looked Lee Sun Kyun and they realized he knows about this before.

My Ahussi 2

When Lee Sun Kyun is leaving the office his subordinates tried to ask about IU being a murderer.  On seeing Lee Sun Kyun’s face they decided not to ask again.  He tired calling IU numerous times but he could not reach her.  He even went to her house if she is still there or not.  But she was not there either.

My Ahussi 3

When Lee Sun Kyun walking home he got a call from an unknown number.  He attended the call and it was IU calling him via Pay Phone.  She said her phone was broken so she couldn’t get the call.  He asked where is she now and she replied she is in Gangnam and got a new job there.  Now she asked, “If I run into by chance will we great each other, and act like we are happy to see each other?”.  Lee Sun Kyun replied, “Yes”.  Then she said she has to go and hang up the phone.

My Ahussi 4

Then she went to see Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) and said that police is chasing her so she will go into hiding.  She said even if she gets caught she will not talk about the Lee Sun Kyun’s wife having an affair with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  The Loan Shark who took all the equipment from the hacker friend of IU listened to every conversation recorded on the computer.

My Ahussi 5

The CEO of the company came to the office and looked for IU.  Since everyone knows about her as a murderer, they said that they kicked her out.  The CEO wants to see her in person and at least thank her and give her a permanent job so that she can live a normal life.  So he asked everyone to find out where she is and bring her to him.

My Ahussi 6

Then he asked why the director is still not appointed.  So the voting session for the director starts and Lee Sun Kyun got a majority of votes.  Only Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) underling alone hasn’t voted for Lee Sun Kyun.

My Ahussi 7

In the office everyone got a mail saying Lee Sun Kyun is the new Director.  All the office workers congratulated him for becoming the director.  He was happy but IU was not there in the office to congratulate him.

My Ahussi 8

Then he called his brothers, mother, wife and all his friends and said that he becomes the director.  Then in Jung Ae bar, he had a party with everyone and sang few songs and drank a lot.

My Ahussi 10

Next day, in the office, the Director Park side people game to Lee Sun Kyun’s office and congratulated him.  After everyone left he was standing in the room watching through the glass door and saw the empty seat after IU left has been filled with a new employee.  He thought about her and sat on his chair.  Not just any chair he sat on the Director Chair.

My Ahussi 11

The Hacker friend of IU got caught by the police and he told that he does not know about him and all he did was to dropped him in the destination.  Then in his handphone, they saw him calling IU in the recent history.  Director Park heard the name and realized hearing that name before.  He called his subordinates and asked about IU’s name.  Both names are the same, it is “Lee Ji Ahn”.

My Ahussi 12

After realizing what had happened Director Park called Lee Sun Kyun and asked him to come to the hacking detection place.  Lee Sun Kyun went to the place and checked his cell phone and they saw a bug in his phone.  Director Park explained what had happened and IU is the one listening to his phone the whole time.

My Ahussi 13

Lee Sun Kyun got shocked and realized IU knows all the things happened in his life.  He then went to the movie theatre and left the phone there and came out of the theatre to meet Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).

My Ahussi 14

He asked Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min), “where she is?.”  He said that she will keep hiding since she knows if she gets caught, everyone will know about his wife’s affairs with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) asked him to leave her alone as it is good for every one of us.  Lee Sun Kyun got mad and punched Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) in his face.

My Ahussi 15

Lee Sun Kyun then came back to the movie theatre and took the handphone he left in the theatre.  He then called IU’s name “Lee Ji An” and asked her to call him.  IU who listened to his voice got shocked and realized that Lee Sun Kyun knows that she hacked his handphone.

My Ahjussi Episode 14 Review

Wow,  I am really curious about the next episode.  Will Lee Sun Kyun forgive her right away or he will hate her for doing that.  Is he going to feel uncomfortable around her because she knows all his secrets?  There is lot question popping in my head.

But one thing is that in the next week the drama is going to end and I am already feeling sad.  I always waited for next episode now I wish this episode will come later or there have to be more episodes.

IU and Lee Sun Kyun’s acting is really praiseworthy.  They both do a great job doing this drama.  At first, everyone opposed IU to do this drama.  To be honest, me too didn’t like her to do this drama first.  But now as you can see I am really proud of IU.  I can say it is a masterpiece.  Everyone in the drama has done a good job there are no complaints in this drama.


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  1. I found myself holding my breath throughout episode 14 (after putting off watching it for a few days because I wasn’t sure how it was going to go).

    Then, I had to watch the last two episodes straight away. In one word: beautiful.


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