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Finally long waited Episode 13 is released.  I am really disappointed last week since there was no episode and I have to wait for two weeks and finally get to see the episode 13.  This drama is very good and interesting and I am really longing to see more episodes.

It is a decision time for Lee Sun Kyun to become the director of the company.  IU’s statement is very useful for Lee Sun Kyun to become a director.  Now, all we have do is to wait for the result of the interview.  In the interview Lee Sun Kyun took side with IU and got angry sometimes.  I am curious what the results will be.

My Ahjussi Episode 13 Recaps

After the interview with IU, the Director Park person came to Lee Sun Kyun and narrated what happened inside the interview panel.  He was so happy that IU has done a great job and she talked well in the interview.  Now everything is going in Lee Sun Kyun’s direction.  All there is for him is to attend the interview next week.

My Ahjussi 1

Late that night Lee Sun Kyun walked home along with IU and dropped her by her home.  IU asked him, “can I hug You, Just once.  I want to hug you so that I can get energized”.  Lee Sun Kyun refused right away saying that he is already energized.

My Ahjussi 2

Then Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) came to visit IU and threatened her that he will tell everything to Lee Sun Kyun and said that he is a victim too.  IU showed him the recording of Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) conversation while he was ordering IU to approach Lee Sun Kyun to create a scandal with Lee Sun Kyun and kick him out of the company.

My Ahjussi 3

In the office, next day a co-worker who hates IU, went to her and started to get on IU’s nerve so IU, in order to scare her, sent the photo of her with the manager and said that,”can I sent this picture to your husband or managers wife”. The Co-worker got scared and left IU alone.

My Ahjussi 4

Jang Nara who is doing a film with a new director got scolded by him.  He came near her to talk to her why she is not doing it right.  Then Jang Nara gave him a piece of paper saying that Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) gave her this piece of paper and asked her to swear at him with the bad word that is written in the note.  Jang Nara says she cannot able the say those swear word so she is showing it to him.  She said that it is not that we are doing is to save the country or something so please relax.

My Ahjussi 5

Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) went to Lee Sun Kyun’s house for an errand given by his mother to deliver the food to Lee Sun Kyun.  That’s when he saw the broken door.  He asked did you two fight one another.  He asked her, “Lee Sun Kyun who never get angry broke the door did you do anything wrong.”  He then asked jokingly, “did you cheat on him or something”.  She didn’t reply to his question and so he asked her to say “no” to the question.  On seeing her expression, he understood that she cheated on him.  Then he left the place shouting at her.

My Ahjussi 6

Meanwhile, in the office, Director Park went to meet Lee Sun Kyun and said that he found out about the one who made him drunk and unable to attend the meeting with the Chinese people and finally got fired from the company.  IU who listened to this conversation alerted her hacker friend to escape from the police.

My Ahjussi 7

Lee Sun Kyun left the office that night and he got a call from his wife saying that his brothers came to the house and she told everything about her cheating on him.  He then went to his brothers cleaning company office there Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) scolded him and asked the name of the one with whom Lee Sun Kyun’s wife had an affair with.


Lee Sun Kyun hits Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) to not to do anything stupid.  Then three of them went to a bar and had a drink.  Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) wanted Lee Sun Kyun to cry and express his pain and suffering or else he will get a disease.  Lee Sun Kyun who never expresses his feelings said that “there is no one to tell him that it is not a big deal” and so he told himself and calmed him down.

My Ahjussi 9

The retired detective was hired by Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) to catch the hacker friend of IU.  So he went to the Loan Shark place and said asked about the hacker who hacked the Lee Sun Kyun’s handphone.  They said that they don’t know about the hacker or any boy roaming around with her.  Then the police went to the PC room where the hack friend used to play games.  Since the hacker recognized the police searching for him he ran out of the place.

My Ahjussi 11

In the meanwhile, the police went to the place where the hacker lives.  Before police come to the place, the loan Shark who used to disturb IU went to the place and took all the database and the computer which is used to hack the Lee Sun Kyun’s phone.

My Ahjussi 12

After having a dinner with his brothers Lee Sun Kyun left home with his brothers.  IU listened to all of their conversations messaged Lee Sun Kyun, “Good luck with your interview tomorrow” and said that “it is not a big deal”.  Lee Sun Kyun said, “Thanks” and have not messaged her that.  Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) who saw the message asked him to reply to her message and not to murmur in the mouth but to sent the message to her.


Jung Ae who is the owner of the Jung Ae bar went to meet the Lee Sun Kyun’s friend who became monk in a Buddha temple.  She asked him to come back to her.  He refused her and went to the meditation room.

My Ahjussi 15

In the office, Lee Sun Kyun went to attend the interview where they inquired why the building he checked still shaking?. and many more work-related questions.  He answered to each and every question.  Then they asked about IU and why he selected IU to enter his team.  His reason for picking her is that she is the person who will stay longer than other temporary employees.  Then out of the blue one of the Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) men have a background check on IU and found out that she murdered someone.

My Ahjussi 16

Then he said that if you pick a person who is not good enough to fill the resume will be like this.  IU listened to this conversation over the headphone.  Lee Sun Kyun who got mad at him and said that “it is only humane to try and let others forget their past as much as we want to forget our own.”  He said that she is human too and she too has the feelings.

After the interview ended Lee Sun Kyun came out and saw IU seat is still empty and asked his subordinate to call her.  The episode ended as he went out of the office with his handphone.

My Ahjussi Episode 13 Reviews

This episode is a good one and I have experienced various feelings while watching this episode.  Now that the brothers know why Lee Sun Kyun is very angry recently and why he looks sad they don’t know how to respond and how to comfort him in that situation.

Since he shared his secret with his brothers he is now feeling great.  A painful thing which cannot be expressed with others is too painful.

Now I am really worried that whether Lee Sun Kyun will be selected as a director since he supporter IU ever after he knows she murdered someone.  I am worried that how higherups think of him.



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  1. I found this to be a breathtaking episode. I was transfixed throughout and just marvelled at the ability of the writers to keep the quality of the show at such a high level.

    The issue regarding the higher ups and how they see Lee Sung Kyun in light of the revelation regarding UI will depend on the Chairman i.e. whether he supports non discriminatory behaviour. As Sung Kyun has pointed out, she was judged by the justice system and dealt with accordingly.

    Fingers crossed!


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