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Live Korean Drama

  • Drama Name:  Live Kdrama
  • Korean Name:  라이브
  • Episodes:  18
  • Release Date:  March 10 – May 6, 2018



  • Jung Yu-mi as Han Jung-oh
  • Lee Kwang-soo as Yeom Sang-soo
  • Bae Sung-woo as Oh Yang-chon
  • Bae Jong-ok as Ahn Jang-mi


The drama depicts the life of police in Korea and how they survive in different circumstances.  There is a new batch in that year and Lee Kwang Soo and Jung Yu Mi are also one among them.  They both are new to this job and how they both survive and how they react to the difficult situations they face during their duty as a police.



“Live”, the name itself says about the drama. It got two meaning and both are perfectly matching for this drama.

  • Live – You must survive no matter what.
  • Live – a live broadcast of a police life.


Yes, ‘Live drama’ is full of struggles and it is a life or death for each police in the day to day life.  Sometimes they have to deal with drunken people and sometimes they have to deal with serial killers and sometimes they have to deal with murders of their colleagues and many more.  Not a single day is peaceful for them and they are doing it in order to survive and support their family.

The drama fully makes us realize how others are struggling and still getting up and continue in their life.  It portrays the sorrow and sufferings of police life.

 ‘Live’ Korean drama OSTs Lists:

These are all the OST released in ‘Live’ Kdrama,

  1. “Someone like you” – Ji Hoon – Exo-CBX
  2. “At The End Of The Day, There’s You” (하루끝엔 그대가 있어요) – Ji Hoon – Han Dong-Geun
  3. “Because It’s You” (그대니까요) – Ji Hoon – Davichi
  4. “Why Why Why” – Ji Hoon – Punch


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1. Is ‘Live Korean drama’ worth watching?

Yes, it is definitely worth watching.  Here all the characters are well made and each and every character has a separate role to play.  The drama portrays how difficult the police job is and how they survive as a police officer.

2. Any Drama like ‘Live Korean drama’?

There is not much drama I could think of when it comes to ‘Live Kdrama’

  1. Pinocchio ( Reporter)
  2. Nothing to lose (Judge)
  3. Remember – War of the Son (Lawyer)

These are the dramas I recommend since these dramas are fully follow only one topic and each drama gives a different knowledge.

3. ‘Live Korean drama’ OST suggestions:

My top Ost in ‘Live Korean drama’ is,

As you can see the above-mentioned ones are the good OST in this drama.



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