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The drama finally started to be interesting and fun to watch. First few episodes made me wonder do I continue to watch?.  It is good that I waited patiently and watched the other episodes.  As for me, this week episode is quite fun to watch and it is getting fired up.

As I suspected Park Hyung Sik is having a fierce battle with Go Sung Hee in episode 6.  Now I am worried about their relationship from now on.  How will they see each other and will the misunderstanding be cleared and becomes friends again?  As a Kdrama viewer, I know the obvious answer that they will clear the misunderstanding one day and yet I want to know how they are going to clear the misunderstanding?

Suits Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

Suits #6

“They drink the same water, But Cow make milk, whereas Snake makes poison.”

Episode 6 starts with Jang Dong Gun in the baseball court with David Kim.  They both talk implicitly about the trail they are going to have in the near future.  ‘What kind of ball will you throw if I were you? how do you throw the ball?’ and such…

Suits 1

They both tried to win each other in the word fight.  Both sides are not backing down and the conversation continues and David Kim is so confident that he will win the fight.  David Kim said that Jang Dong Gun will throw the best ball he could throw but he will fail in the end.  Jang Dong Gun said that I will not use my best ball for you and said he is insignificant to face his best ball.

Suits 2

Now in the Mock trial, Park Hyung Sik is left alone and he is a thing of the solution to overcome the problem.  He remembered a law saying that “when the settlement suddenly gets rejected during the process of coming to the settlement the court decides that both sides get enough time to prepare for the trial.”  So thus he gets 10 minutes time to prepare for the trial.  In the 10 minutes period, he came up with something to counterattack the opposition party.  Now the trial has converted into ‘violation of personal rights’ case and each side has to prepare for the trial the next day.

Suits 3

Park Hyung Sik saved for the day and he has enough time to counterattack the opposition party now.  He then left the office and where he met Se Hee (Lee Si Won) on his way home.  She seems to be looking for a job that fits her.  She said she is envious of Park Hyung Sik as he is doing what he wished to do.  That time he told the truth to her that he is a fake lawyer and the firm doesn’t know about it.

Suits 4

Since Choi Gwi Hwa side lawyer is not able to take down Park Hyung Sik in the trial, Choi Gwi Hwa warned him to win the case in the next day trial.

Suits 5

In the Yumi Pharmaceuticals case, Jang Dong Gun talks with the secretary of the CEO about the case and she said that during the testing of the medicine there are no test subjects that show the sign of liver failure.  Then Park Hyung Sik entered the place and he showed what he had found out about the company’s financial gains after the drug release.  He said that the company’s stock increased tremendously after the drugs hit on the market.  Jang Dong Gun cannot help but suspect the fact that the company is not revealing something to them.

Suits 6

Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) also worried about her ex-husband who is the owner of the Yumi Pharmaceuticals.  She asked for the file relating the Yumi Pharmaceuticals case where she saw the picture of his husband with other women.  He said that he was dating that woman even before their divorce.  Now that he said a lie to her before she is not sure if he is telling the truth or not.

Suits 7

David Kim who said that there will be a compensation of $10,000 for all the victims who got affected by the Noxi Chemicals.  Most of the victims went to get the compensation money to David Kim. He went to Jang Dong Gun to brag about that.  That moment Park Hyung Sik came in signaling his success in getting the victims to withdraw from getting compensation by giving the Lawfirms money to the victims.  Jang Dong Gun says that this case is considered as a Pro Bono Case by our firm and so we are giving compensations to the victims.

Suits 8

Now the Jang Dong Gun who decided to make a different move than he usually does he showed an audio file and said that it is the audio file of David Kim who hired some thugs to scare the victim of the Noxi Chemical case.  David Kim got surprised by his move and perplexed by that move.  Now Jang Dong Gun gave him two options one is to sign the settlement and other is that he goes to jail.  David Kim has no other to sign the contract.  Thus Jang Dong Gun won the fierce battle at the end.

Suits 9

Now the Noxi Chemicals case is over, Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik went to meet the secretary of the Yumi Pharmaceuticals for some clarifications.  They demanded her to tell all the secrets she is trying to hide.  Then she admitted that she has removed a patient who got a side effect due to this medicine during the testing process.  She did it to save the CEO of the company since he is suffering from the same disease.

Suits 10

Now in order to save the company and also the patient who suffered from the side effects of the medicine they had a meeting with the victims who suffered by the medicine’s side effects.  In the meeting CEO of the company revealed that he is also suffering from the same disease.  He never knew the side effect of the medicine because it is perfectly working for him and he is cured to some extent and showed the video of him suffering from the disease.  He asked others who suffered from the disease that he will find a way to overcome the side effects and cure those who suffered from this disease.  They all agreed to his request and the case ends.

Suits 11

The victim of the Noxi Chemical who got threatened by David Kim met Jang Dong Gun and thanked him for winning the lawsuit against the Noxi Chemicals.

Suits 13

In the Park Hyung Sik mock trial, he did his best to Counterattack the opposite side until when Go Sung Hee came to the questioning session.  Park Hyung Sik stated to attack her from the very start and she got furious and almost lost her patience.  That’s when he realized that Go Sung Hee suffered from the stage fright and exam fright.

Suits 14

He then asked the opposition side to go for the settlement.  Since he is not cooperating with him he just gave up the trial and so the opposition wins the trial.  Jang Dong Gun who went to see Park Hyung Sik saw the trial.

Suits Kdrama Episode 6 Review

In this episode, two cases ended and the new case is going to begin in the next episode.  Now that the Park Hyung Sik lost the trial I am curious what will happen to him.  He is good and he was able to win the trial but he lost the trial because he does not want to hurt Go Sung Hee. She may be not realized that he lost on purpose because he totally shut her mouth in the during the trial.

Jang Dong Gun who is always cool lost his cool and he really hunted David Kim out of emotions and feelings.  He spends a lot of money to take him down.

Park Hyung Sik who usually kind to Go Sung Hee too shows his ugly side fingering her mistakes and her incompetence in the trial.


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