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This Episode is my favorite episode in Suits.  The fierce battle between Jang Dong Gun and new American lawyer David Kim who came to Korean to challenge Jang Dong Gun starts.  The new battle starts for Park Hyung Sik too as he is going to enter a full-fledged battle against the very experienced lawyer and the topper during his college days in the mock trial.

There are some misunderstandings too in this episode, that distanced the relationship between Park Hyung Sik and Go Sung Hee.  As you can see this episode made me curious about the next episode.

Suits Kdrama Episode 5 Recap

Suits #5

“To catch a hyena, you must use rotten meat as your bait”

Jang Dong Gun entered the office of Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) after the CEO Kim Yeom Beom of Yumi Pharmaceuticals. He asked the reason for his visit.  Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) said that he is her ex-husband and he came to hire a lawyer to defend him from the case of medical error in his Pharmaceutical company.

Suits 1

Jang Dong Gun saw the report and said that there are victims after taking the medicine from the company.  He refused to defend him because of his conscience as this medicine has killed few people and many more suffered because of this.  Then later he accepted the case as Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) is confident that her ex-husband will not sell defective medicine.

Suits 2

Park Hyung Sik who went to see his friend Se Hee (Lee Si Won) who got admitted to the hospital.  She gets discharged and she is staying in his house for the time being.  She said that Park Hyung Sik found the right place for him by joining the law firm as a lawyer.  Now she does not know what to do and where she belongs to.

Suits 3

That day a lawyer named David Kim who entered the Jang Dong Gun office and said that he is not happy to go up against Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) in the Noxi Chemicals case because she is not the ace lawyer of the firm and so he wants Jang Dong Gun to take the case.  In the Noxi Chemicals case, there are many victims because of exposer of the chemical in the factory.  Currently, Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) is defending the company worker’s son whose father dies working in the factory.

Suits 4

David Kim who introduced himself as a fellow student in the Harward university and Jang Dong Gun won the mock trial that happened there against David Kim subordinate.  He came here to show that he is better than Jang Dong Gun and he lost it because of the accident he had that day during the mock trial.  Jang Dong Gun got curious and wanted to accept the challenge.

Suits 5

He went to Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) to get the case and so he could fight against David Kim.  That when Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) informed that he is the youngest Senior Partner who got more shares in the firm.  Jang Dong Gun got happy and said that he has to take more two cases at the same time to grow faster than the original pace.

Suits 6

Then all the junior lawyers are assembled in the hall.  Park Hyung Sik got curious and asked what is the reason for the assembly.  Jang Dong Gun’s secretary explained that Jang Dong Gun too once a star in this Mock trial.  Park Hyung Sik got a chance to show his talents in this mock trial.  In the mock trial, he was set up against a lawyer who is a topper during his law school days.  Choi Gwi Hwa who is in charge of this mock trial set them up to humiliate Park Hyung Sik in front of everyone.

Suits 7

When Park Hyung Sik mentioned about the mock trial in front of Jang Dong Gun, he does not want to talk about a fake trial that is used to test his skills.  He asked Park Hyung Sik to find out about David Kim who challenged Jang Dong Gun in the Noxi Chemicals case.

Suits 8

In the mock trial introduction, Park Hyung Sik got a fake story and asked him to defend the client.  Park Hyung Sik called the opposition side and asked for the settlement between two without going to the court.  They both agreed at the end.  Go Sung Hee whom he thrust to be his side went to the opposite side to defend and so there is no choice but for him to do the trial alone.

Suits 9

That night Go Sung Hee left the office before Park Hyung Sik.  She thought that  Se Hee (Lee Si Won) is his girlfriend and so she decided to change her mind and joined the opposite side.  When Park Hyung Sik left the office  Se Hee (Lee Si Won) was waiting for him in the lobby.  She fixed Park Hyung Sik necktie and Go Sung Hee saw that and misunderstood of her as Park Hyung Sik girlfriend.

Suits 10

In the meanwhile, David Kim who challenged Jang Dong Gun said that he provoked Jang Dong Gun to take the case in order to crush him.  David Kim said that he is confident that he will win the case and teases Jang Dong Gun.

Suits 11

Jang Dong Gun met the informer who usually gives information about the opposition side in his case.  She gave a recording of David Kim threatening someone to withdraw from the case.  Jang Dong Gun said that it is illegal to submit this as a evidence so he said that he will not accept the file.

Suits 12

Now in the Jang Dong Gun’s other case of Yumi Pharmaceuticals, the opposite lawyer demands a huge amount of money for compensation.  If that amount of money is given to them the company will go into bankruptcy.  Jang Dong Gun is finding a solution to tackle the opposition lawyer.

Suits 13

In the Noxi Chemicals case where victims are gathered Jang Dong Gun went to see them.  There David Kim is waiting for him.  He shouted loudly to Jang Dong Gun offering a compensation of $10,000 each.  The victims who are standing there heard the news and then he spread his Visiting Card to every one of them from the first floor.  Jang Dong Gun got mad and so he decided to take the case seriously and he said that from on the hunting starts.

Suits 15

In the Park Hyung Sik Mock trial, he thought that he was settled with the opposition but suddenly the opposition deceived Park Hyung Sik and said that he is ready for the trial.  Now that Park Hyung Sik has not prepared to this trial has no idea how to defend.  His head got blank and the Episode ends.

Suits Kdrama Episode 5 Review

Now that Park Hyung Sik get to fight in the mock trial I am really curious what will happen in the next episode and also curious about Jang Dong Gun.  Jang Dong Gun who has to deal with two lawyers, both using dirty tricks against Jang Dong Gun.

This episode is a wonderful one and I am curious about the story of the next episode.  Jang Dong Gun is so worked up in this episode because David Kim is always one step ahead of him.

I am afraid Park Hyung Sik will have a huge fight with Go Sung Hee in the Mock Trial.  Even though it was a misunderstanding between the two this mock trial is the only way for him to prove his ability to everyone and get acknowledged.  So, I think he will not hesitate or hold back with Go Sung Hee in the mock trial.


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