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Sorry guys, I could not give reviews as I was suffering from fever for the past few days. Most of you have watched this episode yet I am giving a review for this episode.

This episode is quite shocking to me. My first impression of Jang Dong Gun is that he is someone who never talks about love and a poker face.  I never expected any romantic relation for Jang Dong Gun.

Suits Kdrama Episode 4 Recap

Suits #4

“Therefore, the truth does not always win just because it shows itself.”

BewhY called Park Hyung Sik, a fake lawyer in front of everyone and he is quite bewildered.  When other asked why he is calling him a fake lawyer he started to think of a way to escape from this mess.  He thought of some law he could remember and he got out of the situation.  BewhY said that he came there because of Park Hyung Sik.

Suits 1

Now that Park Hyung Sik is given a task to get the sign in the commission contract he made the other day from the grandma who is also the CEO of the Popular Fermented soybeans Paste company.  She is old and she talked with Park Hyung Sik about his personal life.

Suits 2

He told that his only relative is his grandmother and his parents are dead when he was young.  The grandma had a good talk with him and then Jang Dong Gun called Park Hyung Sik to come immediately due to work.  Park Hyung Sik went to the office and Jang Dong Gun is not there.  Chae Jung Ah said that he cannot enter the room without Jang Dong Gun.  So he replied that he entered the room ever after Chae Jung Ah stopped me entering the room.

Suits 3

Jang Dong Gun went to meet his former partner when he was in the Prosecutor office.  She is also his ex-lover and now she is the opposite side lawyer.  She threatened with illegal acquisition of the company to make her client wish not divorce.  Thus she is asking for huge money as a compensation.  He wants settlement so he went to meet her in person.  She believes in her client’s love for the family so she wants to help him to live with his family.

Suits 4

Then Jang Dong Gun met with opposite side client and talked in the bar.  There Jang Dong Gun asked about for the reason to bring the illegal acquisition is it because of justice.  The opposite client replied that he just wants to live with his family so he is using it as a card to stop the divorce.  On the other hand, the wife side has a different reason.

Suits 6

The marriage between them is based on contract for company’s profit and not because of love.  Now the husband loves her so he does not want to divorce.  He never knew his wife is also in love with him and so because of saving him from her family.  She is one among the legal heirs of the family and her brothers are already started to demand their share of property for them and in this situation, she does not want to make her son and husband involved in this mess.  So she wants the divorce in order to protect her family.

Suits 7

Now that he realized her reasons for the divorce both side made a settlement and got the divorce.  Everyone was shocked since Jang Dong Gun talks about love in the trial.  Jang Dong Gun met with the opposite side attorney after the trial and she is happy that Jang Dong Gun is talking about love in the trial.  They had a chat and catch up since they met after a long time.

Suits 8

Now the case has been solved, another problem arises.  The CEO of the Fermented soybeans Paste company is not signing the contract with them.  Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun went to persuade the grandma to sign the contract.  It is difficult for her to go to America every now and then and so she is planning on retiring and handover the company to her sons.

Suits 9

She asked for Park Hyung Sik opinion about her decision and he gave a statement supporting her decision.  Jang Dong Gun does not like it.  He asked Park Hyung Sik to persuade her to sign the contract.

Suits 15.jpg

The CEO, called her sons and the whole family as she decided to give her company to them and retire.  That’s when one of her grandchildren broke one of her Fermented soybeans Paste pot and so she got mad and decided to change her decision since her sons are still immature to give the company to them.

BewhY who becomes a good friend of Park Hyung Sik signed a contract with Park Hyung Sik and thus brought a new client to the firm.

Suits 10

Choi Gwi Hwa is continuously threatening Park Hyung Sik about his past.  So in order to stop him, Park Hyung Sik went to his office and said that he will not obey him because he threatens him.  When Choi Gwi Hwa threatened him saying that he will dig his past Park Hyung Sik showed the video of Choi Gwi Hwa when he is totally drunk in the club he went with Park Hyung Sik to persuade BewhY.  With this, he stopped Choi Gwi Hwa from controlling him out of his will.

Suits 11

Jang Dong Gun since there is no case for him he went to meet his ex-girlfriend and had a nice chat with her.  She said that she is happy to meet him again.  Then she kissed him in front of the hotel.  They then spend the night together.

Suits 12

Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik who started to show interest in Go Sung Hee, waited for her to leave the office and asked her to have a dinner with him.  They both show interests in each other get to exchange their secrets between them.  Park Hyung Sik missed the timing to say to her that he is not a real lawyer with the proper license.

Suits 13

Park Hyung Sik got a call from police about Se Hee (Lee Si Won) his friend got admitted to hospital.  Police explained that someone must have beaten Se Hee (Lee Si Won) so that she loses consciousness.  Now he took her to his house.

Suits 14

That night Jang Dong Gun went to met Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung) the CEO of the firm where he saw her hugging a pharmaceutical company CEO.  The episode ends just like that.

Suits Kdrama Episode 4 Review:

As for me, I liked the fact that Park Hyung Sik finally get crush Choi Gwi Hwa who is constantly threatening him for many reasons.  Park Hyung Sik show a sign of romantic relation with Go Sung Hee in this episode.  I thought that the drama will not have any romance.

It is surprising to see Jang Dong Gun have a romantic relationship in this drama.  I am convinced that the drama will grow stronger and the story will become interesting as it progresses.

For some reason, this drama is not making me curious about next episode.  Each time there is a different case just like American drama and meet different people.


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