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After episode 2, I was supposed to drop the drama and I am glad I watched it again.  If not I might have regretted.  I just completed watching the Episode 3 and I really like this episode.  It may not be as good as many other popular Kdrama yet it has its unique characteristics and Style.  I have a feeling this drama is going in the American Style.  Even though it seems to be American style drama it not completely an American style drama.  Since it is a remake of the American drama it got a hybrid style of both Korean and American.

Suits Kdrama 14

Suits Kdrama Episode 3 Recap

In the last episode, Park Hyung Sik is chased by some people he knows in the past.  Jang Dong Gun saw those people are following Park Hyung  Sik and asked what had happened.

Suits #3

“There always lies a dark side behind the face of the truth.”

Park Hyung Sik ran away from the people who are chasing him without replying Jang Dong Gun what had happened.  Go Sung Hee Who saw Park Hyung Sik was chased by some people  She called security and went to the rooftop of the building.  In the meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik threatened them that he will fall from the building.

Suits Kdrama 2

When he was about to go to the edge of the building, the security persons got there on the rooftop and so he was saved by them.  Go Sung Hee mentioned a popular saying, “there is a rabbit living on the other side of the dark moon” implying that he is living another side of life too.

Suits Kdrama 3

After that Park Hyung Sik went to Jang Dong Gun and said what had happened and why they are chasing him.  He said that he hid the drugs that he got other day and so the owner of the drugs following him to get it from him.   Park Hyung Sik doesn’t thrust Jang Dong Gun and so he got the drugs for his safety if Jang Dong Gun fire him any moment.  Jang Dong Gun got angry that if you are believing me then don’t come to the office.  They both had a little misunderstanding.  Park Hyun Sik gave his ID card to Jang Dong Gun and left the office saying he will leave the firm.

Suits Kdrama 4

The women who were supposed to testify the Pro Bono Case has received the bribe from the company president.  Since Jang Dong Gun found out about the incident he went to the women and warned that she will become an offender since she got the money and never meant to testify.  So she said everything about what happened to her.

Suits Kdrama 5

Since Park Hyung Sik left the office he went to save the friend who got caught by those drug dealers.  Park Hyung Sik threatened him with the drugs he hid that he will burn the drugs.  But those people threatened him with his friend that they will kill his friend.  By that time Jang Dong Gun went to the scene and said that you should always make the rule and threaten if you are a lawyer.

Now Park Hyung Sik said all the law that he remembers related to this case.  Even after that, those drug dealers don’t flinch so Jang Dong Gun said that took charge and make them realize that who is the top dog around there and made a deal with two conditions.  One is to leave the friend of Park Hyung Sik, and the other is to sign the contract as his client if they don’t want to go to jail.  Then he burned down the drugs that Park Hyung Sik threatened to burn saying that it is a lawyers duty.  The next day Park Hyung Sik went to the office and joined the firm as usual.

Suits Kdrama 6

Now Park Hyung Sik’s turn to crush the Pro Bono case offenders.  He went to the meeting and he totally crushed the Sexual Harassment offender who is also a company owner of the company and find justice to his client.  He made the company owner to pay a huge amount of money as a compensation.

Suits Kdrama 7

Now that Park Hyung Sik showed his skills in the Pro Bono case Jang Dong Gun gave him another job to write a commission contract for building a new branch in the States for a pepper paste company.  Park Hyung Sik does not know how to do it.  Since he has no one to ask he went to Go Sung Hee and asked for help.  She agreed to help him.

Suits Kdrama 8

Jang Dong Gun got a case of divorce of a famous chaebol with his wife.  The wife is his client and he has to make sure to get a divorce for her.  The opposite party doesn’t want to give divorce.  Now that he took the case he went have a meeting with the opposite party.  The opposite party lawyer is a woman.  Not just women she is the ex-girlfriend of Jang Dong Gun.



Now the case is going smoothly he suspects that the opposite side will have some kind of plan.  So Jang Dong Gun is doing research about what made the opposite side very confident.

Suits Kdrama 11

Choi Gwi Hwa is totally obsessed with Park Hyung Sik because he is picked up by Jang Dong Gun.  He went to Park Hyung Sik table in the office and asked to help him get a client.  He asked him to go to the club with him and help him persuade bewhY as his client.  Park Hyung Sik said that he has to complete the commission contract by tomorrow.  So Choi Gwi Hwa made one of his subordinates do the job and bailed him out for the club.

Suits Kdrama 13

In the club, Park Hyung Sik got to meet the bewhY and said that he is a fan of him and sang a unique song that bewhY sang in radio only once.  Now they both became close and enjoyed in the club by singing songs and dance.  The next day he went to the office and in the elevator, he met Jin Hee Kyung who is the owner of the firm.  She asked how the work and he replied it is fine.

Suits Kdrama 14

Now he went to Jang Dong Gun and gave the Commission contract which was prepared by the Choi Gwi Hwa subordinate.  Jang Dong Gun find out right away that it is not prepared by Park Hyung Sik.  So he asked him to rewrite it again.

Suits Kdrama 15

Now Park Hyung Sik went to the office and he saw the bewhY is in the office. During his first meet with BewhY Park Hyung Sik said that he is a ‘Fake Lawyer’ to him.  BewhY called him ‘Fake Lawyer’ in front of everyone as he showed the welcoming gesture.  Now others got curious why he calls him ‘Fake Lawyer’.  Park Hyung Sik is thinking of a way to get over this mess and the story ends just like that

Suits Kdrama Episode 3 Review:

Since this episode is good I got curious about the next episode yet I refrained myself from watching the next episode.  Because I have to give the review of this episode or else I will lose interest in giving reviews to Episode 3.

In this Episode, Jang Dong Gun show his charisma while dealing with the drug dealers who threatened Park Hyung Sik with his friend.  He just shows that he is not a person who kneel down just like that.  He is the person who is always set rules for the deals.  In the very first episode, he said that he will be the winner of every case without fail and his winning rate as a lawyer is also 100%.

Park Hyung Sik show his skills as a ZE:A Kpop group singer in the club with BewhY and performed on stage.  Now I am going to watch the Episode and give the review soon.


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    • Only three OST got released in this drama till now and all the OST has an instrumental version
      1. DK – DREAM Suits OST 
      2. 정은지 (Jeong Eun Ji) – 바람 불면 (Stay)
      3. You In My Dream – 꿈 속의 그대 – Mamamoo


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