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Suits Korean Drama

  • Drama Name:  Suits
  • Korean Name:   슈츠
  • Episodes:  16
  • Release Date:  April 25, 2018 – ?.

Suits Korean Drama 16



  • Jang Dong Gun as Choi Kang Seok
  • Park Hyung Sik as Go Yeon Woo
  • Chae Jung An as Hong Da Ham
  • Ko Sung Hee as Kim Ji Na

For OST of the drama ‘Suits’ Scroll down below


‘Suits’ is the story of a legendary lawyer Jang Dong Gun who got promoted to Senior Partner in Korea’s top law firm.  Since he got promoted he wants to hire a partner who is as good as his.  He hired Park Hyung Sik as his partner.  Now both work together as a lawyer and solve cases.  Park Hyung Sik has a good memory as he could memorize the law book just by reading it once.  He uses his ability to solve the cases he was assigned to.


‘Suits’, it is an American drama remake.  This drama is good and I got interested from the very first episode.  In most dramas, the first episode won’t be a good one.  And in some drama first episode will be a good one and the further episode will be bad.  I wonder is will this drama be good one till the end.

For Full Suits Kdrama Recaps and Reviews

Episode  1,     Episode  2,     Episode 3,     Episode 4,     Episode 5,     Episode 6,     Episode 7,     Episode 8,     Episode 9,     Episode 10,     Episode 11,     Episode 12,     Episode 13,  Episode 14,     Episode 15,     Episode 16.

Here two charismatic characters get together to solve the cases.  The Park Hyung Sik memory is the main attraction in the first episode.  He attracted and amazed everyone with his super good memory power and makes us wonder if we have that kind of memory power we don’t have to study hard for the exams.  Just reading will give us the perfect score.

Suits #1:  “Fate gets decided by choice you make, not coincidence”

Suits #2:  “If you have a chance to throw a die, throw it without hesitating the moment you throw it, you’ll advance at least one square.”

Suits #3:  “There always lies a dark side behind the face of the truth.”

Suits #4:  “Therefore, the truth does not always win just because it shows itself.”

Suits #5:  “To catch a hyena, you must use rotten meat as your bait”

Suits #6:  “They drink the same water, But Cow make milk, whereas Snake makes poison.”



‘Suits’ Korean drama OST Lists:

Not all the OST of this drama is released yet.  I am mentioning only the released OST.

  1. DK – DREAM Suits OST 
  2. 정은지 (Jeong Eun Ji) – 바람 불면 (Stay)
  3. You In My Dream – 꿈 속의 그대 – Mamamoo
  4. Kang Min Kyung (다비치), Kisum (키썸) – 비 오는 거리 너와 나 (Suits 슈츠 OST Part 4)
  5.  브로맨스 (VROMANCE) – Now OST Suits Part 5
  6.  Gilgu Bonggu (길구봉구)- PROPOSE (프로포즈) Suits OST Part 6 
  7.  로라 (LAURA) – Calling You / Suits OST Part 7

Other OSTs will be released soon.  I will update later.



1. Is ‘Suits’ worth watching?

If you are a fan of American Series I am sure you can watch this drama.  As for me, I don’t like the drama from the first two episodes.

2. Any Drama like ‘Suits’?

There are a lot of Korean drama about Lawyers.  Few of them are,

  1. I Hear Your Voice
  2. Suspicious Partner
  3. Whisper

There are few dramas based on Prosecutor.  They are,

  1. While You Were Sleeping
  2. Switch: Change the world

3. ‘Suits’  Drama OST suggestions:

There is no good OST for this drama as of now only the music is good.  Maybe the OSTs that are yet to release will be good enough to mention.


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  1. I didn’t know they made a remake on the American series! I’m kind of anxious to watch this since I’d probably have high expectations and would perhaps compare it constantly to the original series. I think I might have to research more on the Korean remake and see if the reviews will convince me enough to watch it hahahaha


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