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Sorry for the delay for the review for Episode 2 of Suits K-drama, I am busy with some other work.

The last episode ended with Jang Dong Gun saying “You are fired” to Park Hyung Sik on the very first.  I thought Park Hyung Sik has done something illegal and Jang Dong Gun found out about that.  But it seems like Jang Dong Gun is not getting the promotion so he fired Park Hyung Sik.

Suits (슈츠) K-Drama Episode 1 Recap

Suits Kdrama

Jang Dong Gun while arguing with the owner of his firm.

After hearing the firing news Park Hyung Sik got perplexed and said, “I thought that you are different from all people but you are also the same as others”.  Since Park Hyung Sik got high hopes for him entering the lawyer job, he could not let go of it so he said that he will not go down alone and drag Jang Dong Gun along with him.  Jang Dong Gun asked “How can you do that” and Park Hyung Sik replied, “I have the lot of ways to do that besides you are the one helped me from escaping from police the other day”.  Jang Dong Gun realized that he had the same kind of conversation with Kang Ha Yeon (Ji Hee Kyung), the owner of the law firm.  As the argument continues he realized Park Hyung Sik a lot like him.   In the end, he said, “you are passed”.

Suits Kdrama 2

Ya, that’s right it was a show to find Park Hyung Sik skills.  Jang Dong Gun got promoted to Senior Partner after his argument with Kang Ha Yeon (Ji Hee Kyung) with two conditions.  One is to make Assemblyman Cho as one of the clients for his firm and another one is to handle Pro Bono Case.  Jang Dong Gun hates to do Pro Bono Case so gave the Pro Bono Case ( a public service case) to Park Hyung Sik as his first case.

Suits Kdrama 1

Park Hyung Sik went to meet newcomer orientation in charge Go Sung Hee, a paralegal.  He does not know that while riding his bike that day he got the muddy water flowing on the ground splashed on her dress.  Right after looking at him she remembered him and so she started to act cold to him.  She even tried to split her coffee on his court but missed.  It is kind of cute watching her do that.

Suits Kdrama 3

Hong Do Ham (Chae Jung An) who listened to the conversation between Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik asked,”why did you select the one who has no license to be a lawyer”.  Jang Dong Gun did not answer the question and diverted the subject.  Jang Dong Sun suspected that Choi Gui Hwa is the one who leaked the information from the firm in order to stop Jang Dong Gun from becoming the Senior Partner.  So he went to his office and warned him that he will repay this debt.

Suits Kdrama 5

Jang Dong Gun went to met an informant and got the new related to Assemblyman Cho and CEO Oh and with that information, he went to persuade Assemblyman Cho to change his firm to Kang and Ham.  Finally succeeded in making Assemblyman Cho as one of the clients in Kang and Ham.  He completed one of the two conditions he had with Kang Ha Yeon (Ji Hee Kyung).

Suits Kdrama 6

As for the Pro Bono Case, Park Hyung Sik went to the meet the one who complained about the sexual Harassment in the office.  He listened to her side and so he wanted to get her justice.

Suits Kdrama 7

So he tried to get information from the company about the female employee who got kicked out to the company or resigned from the company in the past years.  He got no idea how to get it and next day while coming to the office he met Jang Dong Gun and he advised him,” if there is no dice to roll make your own dice to roll”.

Suits Kdrama 9

Then he got an idea of posting on the portal site to get the news about the sexual harassment in the company.  Now that he got posted he waited for the people to see the post but there is no one to see.  So he went to ask help from Go Sung Hee if she has time that evening and she replied she has work to do and refused right away.

Suits Kdrama 10

Now the lawsuit that was against the Jang Dong Gun has to be cleared so Jang Dong Gun went some digging and got the news about the son of CEO Oh doing drugs.  He showed the photo to Park Hyung Sik and it was Lee Yi Kyung.  Park Hyung Sik recognized that he is the one who set him up in the drug case.  Now they both planned and acted like they catch Lee Yi Kyung in the act by reporting to them and made the deal to withdraw the lawsuit for saving his son.

Suits Kdrama 11

The next day when Hong Do Ham (Chae Jung An) is coming to the office she saw Choi Gwi Hwa who was happy about Jang Dong Gun who is going to be fired and offered her a job as a secretary for him.  Hong Do Ham (Chae Jung An) replied that they already withdrew the lawsuit so there is no way Jang Dong Gun will leave the firm.

In the meanwhile, some people are searching for Park Hyung Sik and beat his friend for his whereabouts.  While searching his handphone they saw a girl name saved in the phone when threatened that they will capture and torture her so he confessed that Park Hyung Sik is in the Kang and Hams law firm.  When Park Hyung Sik went to see his friend he saw that the place was a total mess.

Suits Kdrama 12

Now the post he uploaded the post there are no views in the post still now so he was thinking how do make people see the post.  Finally, Go Sung Hee came to him asked what help he needs he showed the post and asked her to make it reach more people.  While they are thinking of the solution Jang Dong Gun came there and saw the post and shared it with people he knows and right away it started to get more views.

Suits Kdrama 13

Now that the post got viral more people saw the post and the company wanted the post to be taken down so they went to the court.  There they argued that the company did not give the information they wanted and so they poster on the portal site to get others help.  Now the company sent more useless data to them.  Jang Dong Gun asked Park Hyung Sik to find anything valuable in those files send by the company.  Go Sung Hee also helped him in searching those documents.

Suits Kdrama 14.jpg

Now the people who were after Park Hyung Sik came to the office it seems like Park Hyung Sik did not return the drugs that he was supposed to deliver to the Lee Yi Kyung.  Those people are after the drugs those drugs.  Jang Dong Gun saw them chasing Park Hyung Sik and the episode ends right away.

Suits (슈츠) K-Drama Review

Go Sung Hee’s character is same as her character in ‘While You Were Sleeping’, a bright and the one who holds the grudge and if she gets the chance she is ready to pay back.  I find her cute in this drama when she tried to split the coffee on Park Hyung Sik to payback for his mistake that morning.

To be frank this story is still in the initial stage and so I just don’t find this episode interesting.  I admit the first episode was good but something is missing in this in this episode.  The story narration is not good for this episode.  I am little concerned about this drama yet I hope that next episodes will be good as the first episode.

I have read the review of Suits American series and people are commending it positively.  I had high hopes from the very first episode maybe that’s why I find the second episode disappointing.  If you have the high hopes for the drama it might give disappointment in the bigger way.


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