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I am sure everyone will be waiting for this drama for a long time since last year.  I waited for it since last year.  This drama is a remake of American Series ‘Suits’.


Suits Korean Drama 16

Suits (슈츠) K-Drama


‘Suits’ is the story of a legendary lawyer Jang Dong Gun who got promoted to Senior Partner in Korea’s top law firm.  Since he got promoted he wants to hire a partner who is as good as his.  He hired Park Hyung Sik as his partner.  Now both work together as a lawyer and solve cases.  Park Hyung Sik has a good memory as he could memorize the law book just by reading it once.  He uses his ability to solve the cases he was assigned to.

Suits (슈츠) K-Drama Episode 1 Recaps

The story starts with Jang Dong Gun going to jail to see Park Hyung Sik who is the prisoner and they met each other.  There is no specific explanation why Park Hyung Sik is in prison.  Normally many Kdrama has a preview to make people interesting and curious about that scene.  It is one among them.


Suits Korean Drama

Jang Dong Gun went to jail to see Park Hyung Sik


Kang Ha Yeon (Ji Hee Kyung)  is the owner of the law firm named Kang and Ham where Jang Dong Gun is working and she always agrees whatever Jang Dong Gun wants to do as he is the best lawyer in Kang a firm.  Choi Gwi Hwa is a lawyer too in this firm but he hates to lose to Jang Dong Gun who is the star lawyer of the firm.


Suits Korean Drama 1

Kang Ha Yeon (Ji Hee Kyung)


Jang Dong Gun showed his charismatic entrance as he is playing cards with Assemblyman Cho.  He shuffled the cards and asked Assemblyman to chose the card of his choice.  The assemblyman Cho chooses the extreme left card.  It is the Ace of Spade and now it is Jang Dong Gun’s chance to choose.  He chooses the card and it was the Joker.  The thing is he wants to become a person who plays with the card not to become one of the cards.  This sentence implicitly implies that he will become a person who commands others not the one who get command and act.


Suits Korean Drama 2

Jang Dong Gun Playing card with Assemblyman Cho.


Jang Dong Gun went to his office after the card game and that’s where he saw CEO Oh who is making a scene in the office.  He enters the office and completely stepped on CEO Oh and he said that he took the case of the opposite side.When he asked Kang Ha Yeon (Ji Hee Kyung) what Jang Dong Gun is saying, she said that in this firm Jang Dong Gun words are her words too.  CEO Oh got speechless and left without a word.

Suits Korean Drama 3

Now, of course, it is the entrance of Park Hyung Sik in the club.  He entered the club wearing a hood and met his friend who asked him to entertain his client.  Park Hyung Sik has a good memory so he could memorize whatever he reads in a single read.


Suits Korean Drama 4

Park Hyung Sik entry in ‘Suits’ Kdrama.


He entered the client room and saw Lee Yi Kyung who owns a company.  Lee Yi Kyung who recently cast in the comedy-drama Welcome to Waikiki made a special appearance in this drama.  In this drama, he is a CEO of a company who got a bad temper and look down on poor people.  He showed a completely opposite side of his character in Eulachacha Waikiki.


Lee Yi Kyung asked questions to Park Hyung Sik and Park Hyung Sik answered to him in an instant.  Lee Yi Kyung got surprised by the Park Hyung Sik’s memory.  Then Park Hyung Sik saw Lee Yi Kyung use drugs in his drinks.  Park Hyung Sik hates people who use drugs.  Because of that park Hyung Sik had a fight with Lee Yi Kyung and almost splashed drinks on Lee Yi Kyung.

Suits Korean Drama 7

Jang Dong Gun who went to the office next day got the news that he got promoted to Senior partner so that he could select his partner.  With this good news, he went to his office where his secretary Hong Do Ham (Chae Jung An) congratulated him and asked for her increment by 18% for his promotion.  She informed him that he has to attend the hiring process next day to select his partner.

Suits Korean Drama 8

Park Kyung Sik went to the hospital to see his grandmother and he talked with her for a long time.  Then the nurse entered the room and asked for the fees he has to pay for his grandmother’s admission to the hospital.  He has to pay within this month or else his grandmother cannot get her treatment.

Suits Korean Drama 9

Since he has no money to pay he had no other choice but to deliver the drugs Lee Yi Kyung asked.  He went to the place where he has to deliver and he saw some waiter standing in front of that room then he remembered them seeing the lobby so he asked about the sauna.  They replied with some staggering in their voice and he realized that it is a trap and those waiters are police so he left the place.  But they suspected him of carrying drugs so they followed Park Hyung Sik.

Suits Korean Drama 11

He ran away and entered the place where Jang Dong Gun is having an interview for recruiting his partner.  He asked Chae Jung An to inform him if anyone recognized the statue of kairos, the Greek god of opportunity.  Out of all the who entered the interview, no one can answer what is the statue.  Then Park Hyung Sik who got followed by police entered the place and took the interview as someone else.  He immediately recognized the statue and so he gets to enter the interview room.  There he showed his memory power and said everything he knows about the statue.


Then police got suspected him entered the office they went to inquire if he is the one who is carrying drugs.  The police entered the place and asked Park Hyung Sik for Identification.  Then Jang Dong Gun asked him to defend the police as he is on the court.  Park Hyung Sik who remembered all the laws of Korea remembered some law to defend from showing his identification.  He defended himself from showing his identification.  Then they asked him to show what is in the suitcase he is holding.  He showed the suitcase where there are some law books in the suitcase.

Suits Korean Drama 15

Jang Dong Gun who saw this talent as a lawyer wished to hire him as his partner.  He asked to study properly through law school and come to the office.  Park Hyung Sik said that he took the exam for someone else and choose a wrong answer in order to avoid the perfect score.  Jang Dong Gun hired him as the lawyer and his partner finally by giving him the chance to shine.

The next day Park Hyung Sik came to the office and Jang Dong Gun who entered the office later said to Park Hyung Sik to leave the office as he got fired.  The episode ended just like that and got me curious about what happened next.

Suits (슈츠) K-Drama Reviews

I got interested in this drama since it is a remake of a popular American Series.  Overall first half of the episode makes me think about what the drama is about but the second half of the episode gives the clear idea of the drama.

This drama is good and got my attention even though it is the first episode.  In most dramas, the first episode won’t be a good one.  And in some drama first episode will be a good one and the further episode will be bad.  I wonder is will this drama be good one till the end.

Here two charismatic characters get together to solve the cases.  The Park Hyung Sik memory is the main attraction in the first episode.  He attracted and amazed everyone with his super good memory power and makes us wonder if we have that kind of memory power we don’t have to study hard for the exams.  Just reading will give us the perfect score.

If I have that kind of memory power I would easily pass the government exam and reach the higher post in no time.  Do you guys wish to have a superpower to make your life easier?

From the look of the first episode, I am giving a rating of 8/10 for this drama.  The drama was good but it hasn’t amazed me like Descendants of the Sun, or My Love form the Star.


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  1. Well done with your review! I may look at this one down the track.

    As such, I have really enjoyed the American Suits up until Season 7. However, I have found Season 7 just a bit frustrating.

    As for a superpower to make my life easier, being able to move through time would be handy. Even being able to use lightning bolts would be of benefit -sometimes some people just need to have that subtle reminder regarding their bad behaviour.

    In terms of memory, it’s a matter of perspective. Exams only test a certain aspect of a person’s learning and understanding. I was a terrible undergraduate student and very bad at exams, but a very good post graduate student later in life. I didn’t do well re the government exams where I am from, but I still went on to have a very successful government career (I worked my way from the bottom to the top). If I can, anyone can.

    Descendants of the Sun and My Love From Another Star are great shows. Two shows that are turning out to be very special are Something in the Rain and My Husband Oh Jak Doo.

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