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Finally, IU makes her point that she is Lee Sun Kyun’s side and testified positively for Lee Sun Kyun in the final selection process.  As they have mentioned before this drama has no romance so IU will be having unrequited love for Lee Sun Kyun but he refused her love as he is the father of a son.  I am curious whether Lee Sun Kyun will be breaking down or not.  Now that Lee Sun Kyun’s wife said that she will do whatever he wished to do.  What will be his answer? Live like they usually do or divorce.

My Ahjussi Episode 12 Recaps

Now that Lee Sun Kyun’s wife apologized to him he started to cry and started to show his emotions which are buried inside of him.  He said to his wife “why did you do it” and “The moment he knew about her affairs he felt like he is useless in the world and it was like he is sentenced to death.  Lee Sun Kyun’s wife told the reason for her doing that is that he makes her lonely.  After a long talk between Lee Sun Kyun and his wife, they parted away without any words.



The next day all the neighborhood people went to the football match and so Lee Sun Kyun went along with them.  He recalls the talk he had with his wife the day before.  Lee Sun Kyun’s brother Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) asked what had happened and “why are you looking bad? Did you fight with your wife”?  Lee Sun Kyun who is still thinking about what to do since they both know about the incident just showed his temper to Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok).

My Ahjussi 2

At the same time, IU who is in the hospital gets to see the notebook which grandmother used while talking to Lee Sun Kyun for the first time.  She saw the words of her grandmother saying,”now I can sleep in peace since a good person like you are with Lee Ji Ahn (IU).”

My Ahjussi 3

Lee Sun Kyun’s wife says she has nothing to say as she is the sinner and so she will do whatever he wishes to do either to divorce or to live the life they normally do.  Now Lee Sun Kyun is thinking of the solution what to do.

My Ahjussi 4

In the office next day, Lee Sun Kyun got a message saying that they changed the hotel for the meeting and asked him to come there.  He went to the place and there he got scolded for hitting Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  Now that he hit Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min)  his possibility for becoming the director is too low.  They are preparing all the thing they can use to make Lee Sun Kyun the next director of the company.

My Ahjussi 5

In the office, that night Lee Sun Kyun’s subordinates worked late night for Lee Sun Kyun’s absence in the office and asked Lee Sun Kyun to go home directly.  But Lee Sun Kyun went to the office and worked with others to lessen their burden.  IU who is also worked late night with them.  Once the work is completed they checked the time and it is just 5 minutes left on the last train.  They ran all together to catch the train but only Lee Sun Kyun and IU who ran faster got the train and others got left behind.



In the train, IU noticed the person who followed her the other day and said that he is following him for a long time and left the place to avoid taking photos.  Lee Sun Kyun who saw the person sitting opposite to him asked to show his handphone.  The man walked the other side of the train where IU went and so Lee Sun Kyun followed him.  Since he got caught by Lee Sun Kyun the man left the train and never came back.

My Ahjussi 8

On the way of dropping her to the house Lee Sun Kyun’s brothers and others saw him walking with a girl.  He explained that she is a female employee in his office so he goes with her to drop her in the house.  Others too joined them and walked with them.  Jung Ae sho is the owner of the restaurant, talked about her 20’s and said that “we too have the beautiful 20’s once even though we are old now.”  IU replied she wishes to become old sooner so that she will never have to go through hardships during that time.  Everyone looks surprised by her answer and dropped her by her house.  Lee Sun Kyun’s brother knows someone around her house so he asked him to help her if something happens to her.



The next day IU noticed that the photos of her and Lee Sun Kyun got picture other day got posted on the company site.  As soon as they posted the post, IU asked her hacker companion to delete it.  Then she called Lee Sun Kyun’s wife and informed that Lee Sun Kyun’s job is in danger because of Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  Lee Sun Kyun’s wife, Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) and IU met at the rooftop and asked not do anything Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) is saying and to quit disturbing Lee Sun Kyun.



Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) said to Lee Sun Kyun’s wife that IU is really like Lee Sun Kyun.  To confirm Lee Sun Kyun’s wife called IU and asked if she really likes Lee Sun Kyun.  IU replied “yes” and Lee Sun Kyun’s wife has no other word to tell so she thanked her for calling her before any bad thing happens to Lee Sun Kyun in the office.

My Ahjussi 13

One day IU went home she saw the Loan Shark who beat her waiting for her.  She said that she has paid all the money and so she has no other reason to see him.  He then replied that this stairway is just like the mountain way he uses to carry IU after got beaten by his father.  At that time, Lee Sun Kyun’s brother’s friend whom he asked to help her saw what is happening over the window and noticing the reason for Loan Shark’s visit.

My Ahjussi 14

Lee Sun Kyun’s brothers do funny stunts with the van they used to travel for cleaning duties.  The above picture shows one of the stunts they did in this episode.



Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok), the brother of Lee Sun Kyun, confessed that he realized the movie he worked with Jang Nara will be a big flop and so he blamed Jang Nara for his own mistake.  He said that he just doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong so he ended up like this.  After hearing that Jang Nara went to Jung Ae bar and then she slapped him in front of everyone and then cried for a long time by leaning Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok)  shoulders.  Later that day Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) and Jang Nara decided to date.



The next day there was a meeting to select the director of the company where IU was called and asked her to if she is in love with Lee Sun Kyun.  When the opposite side asked her whether she is in love with him she said yes.  She also said that out of all people in the office Lee Sun Kyun is the only one who asked her to come to Company for dinner even though she is a temporary employee.

She also said that he makes her feels that she is also a useful person in the world and he saw her as a colleague not as a temporary employee.  So she doesn’t care if she got fired from the company all she wants is to make Lee Sun Kyun the director.  She was happy to be working in the company like here and so she will pray for the company’s success.

My Ahjussi Episode 12 Reviews

In my opinion, Lee Sun Kyun and his wife living in the same house now is same as hell for both of them.  It is best to divorce for the sake of both of them. In this episode, I am happy that Lee Sun Kyun’s wife finally gets to stand out for Lee Sun Kyun and opposes Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).

The relationship is so complicated and maybe because we are young we don’t know about those things.  I just felt happy for Lee Sun Kyun that everyone is supporting him now and the CEO of the company who get to hear the IU’s confessions in the meeting also shows positive signs for Lee Sun Kyun.

Most people do not want IU to pair up with Lee Sun Kyun and I too does not like IU to pair up with Lee Sun Kyun in this drama.  Yet I want them to be good friends and neighbors and help out each other.  IU has finally taken her side in this drama and gave her support for Lee Sun Kyun in the director selection meeting.

I am now curious about the next episode and already starting to guess what might happen in the next episode.


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  1. There were some very real moments in this episode including the greater conversation between Lee Sun Kyung and his wife. At first she apologises and then justifies her actions – this often happens in such arguments.

    When the Chairman turned up during UI’s interview – I thought this might happen. This was him saying loud and clear to both sides for the final time – stop interfering in the selection process.

    Fingers crossed for Gi-Hoon and Jang Nara. As for the oldest brother, I hope he gets a reality check soon.

    The portrayal of the support and strength of the neighbourhood was beautifully done including the impression it made on Lee Ji An (being accepted for who she is).

    Whatever happens to Sun Kyung and Ji An, lets hope there is an ongoing connection of some sort. It would be sad for them to go their separate ways and not meet again. Some clever writing will be required on this point.


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