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Instead of sitting there and do nothing Lee Sun Kyun finally decided to do something and started to fight back Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) for what he has done.  Hitting Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) is the best part of this Episode.

My Ahjussi Episode 11 Recaps

After slapping IU for hitting on him, he felt sorry for her and thinking about it for a while sitting in his bedroom.  He cannot bring himself to talk to her in the office because of guiltiness.  He was called for the meeting in the office at that time IU took the shoes she gave to him as a gift for helping her during difficult times.

My Ahjussi 2

In the office next day, the people who wish Lee Sun Kyun to become the director planning to make excuses for his scandal with IU.  They wanted to fire IU and they asked for his opinion.  They are trying to make excuse like she is so pitiful that’s why he helped her.

My Ahjussi 3

That evening Lee Sun Kyun went to Jung In’s place and had a drink.  He was deeply thinking about the firing of IU in the office.  Then he went home where he heard the conversation of his wife with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) that she knows Lee Sun Kyun’s knows about her affairs and how long she can act as if she does not know at all.  He does not know what to do and so he went to his room.

My Ahjussi 7

The next day he does not go to the office and went to the temple where his friend is staying as a monk.  He said that he was totally ruined in this life and he wishes to die.  They talked about their own difficulties and so he asked him to live a happy life.  He also said that it is ok to be selfish so that he can live a happy life.


At the same time in the office Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) called some experts to check whether his office is wiretapped or not.  After confirming that it is not wiretapped he paid them the money.  He then saw the photo of IU hitting on Lee Sun Kyun’s and Lee Sun Kyun’s reply by slapping her.  Since that is not enough to fire Lee Sun Kyun he waited to find any other thing to fire him at once.

My Ahjussi 9

That day Lee Sun Kyun decided to make his move by going to Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) office and suddenly raised his voice.  He said that is it difficult to hide the fact that he knows about the affairs from his wife.  Since his wife knows about the affairs he just raised his voice and said that “I will destroy you” and all the employees in the office heard that and looked what had happened.


While Lee Sun Kyun was leaving Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) raised his voice too by shouting “who is to raise your voice in front of the director of the company”.  Lee Sun Kyun got really mad and approached Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) and just punched him in his face.  Everyone in the office was shocked by the Lee Sun Kyun’s behavior and everyone wished to know the reason for the fight.  The higherups came to the scene and asked the reason and Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) said that ‘she is his friend for a long time there is nothing between her and me.  Lee Sun Kyun got misunderstood about their relationship and hit him’.  Since there is no definite evidence about this they left them without any further actions.

My Ahjussi 17

That evening on his way home he saw IU who is going home and asked her that where are the shoes that she bought for him.  She said that she throw it away because it is humiliating.  She also said that it was me that hit on him so fire me in front of everyone in the office by revealing everything she has done to him.  He replied that he will not fire anyone and he will be eating and drinking with her sometimes and work together in the office.  After hearing that she felt helpless and don’t know what to do.  How can he be such a kind person?

My Ahjussi 18

When he reached home that night his wife asked for forgiveness for what she had done to him.  He got furious about this and so the hit the door and asked How she can do when she has a son.  He was totally broken down by and just cried for a long time saying that once he knows about his wife is having affairs with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min)  he is totally dead.


He then went to the football ground and played football to let off his frustration after his wife’s confession.  IU listened to this conversation cried while listening.  Next day she went to see her grandmother and she inquired about Lee Sun Kyun.  IU said that she was happy for the fact that she knows good people like Lee Sun Kyun.

My Ahjussi Episode 11 Reviews

It is really good that Lee Sun Kyun decided to take action and started to face Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) head-on.  I think he just got tired of being a good person and so he has to do what he must do or else he will be considered as a pushover.  This was the first time he fought for himself.  It must be frustrating for not expressing what he is feeling.  He just hides his feeling and lives like a dead person.  Now that he talks and do what he wishes to do he seems like a new person.  One should do what he likes to live a happy life.

It is really miserable to watch Lee Sun Kyun who cried for the first time in this show saying “why did you do it”.  Lee Sun Kyun’s wife ever after she knows that Lee Sun Kyun know about her affairs, she just acts normally.  Those times I really hate her for that how can she act like it is not that of a big deal.  As a child mother, how can she think of doing that?  My most hateful character is the Lee Sun Kyun’s wife.

As for me, I am really worried that what other people will think of Lee Sun Kyun in the office when they get to know about his wife’s affairs with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  Now that he hit the higher up in the office I am worried that he might get fired from the company.  If Lee Sun Kyun reveals to others what happened and why he hit Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) it will be really humiliating for him.  I pity him the most for him.


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  1. What really struck me about this episode was the more intricate things that were going on re the other characters. To my mind, this alllowed the space required for the punching scene (as you said – about time), the apology scene and UI’s moment with her grandmother.

    Time is of the essence if Lee Sun Kyun is to come out on top. He needs to decide which path to take and then act on it very quickly (to be the next director or not to be the next director). Either way, the Chairman needs to know what the CEO has been up to.

    The problem is good people play by the rules, while bad ones do not.

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