Eulachacha Waikiki (Welcome to Waikiki) KDrama complete Recap and Review | Korean Drama Review

Eulachacha Waikiki / Welcome to Waikiki / Laughter in Waikiki  (으라차차 와이키키)

I am sure everyone heard about the drama but they don’t have the motivation to watch it.  In this Post, I will give you a clear idea about the drama and the reason to watch this drama.  Eulachacha Waikiki is the Recently released Korean drama and it is quite fun to watch.

Eulachacha Waikiki 10

The whole story revolves around the Guesthouse named ‘Waikiki’  Where Four people Kang Dong Goo, Lee Joon Ki, Bong Doo Sik and Kang Seo Jin having different dreams lives together hoping to achieve their dreams one day.   Later two more people Han Yoon-A and Min Soo-Ah entered the Guesthouse.


I will explain the Plot and story for each and every characters one by one and give the review at the end of the post.

1. Kang Dong-Goo (Kim Jung Hyun)

Eulachacha Waikiki 9

Kim Jung Hyun who dreamt of becoming a Movie director fails every time still he never gave up his dreams.  One Day while he was cleaning his guest house he saw an abandoned child.  After having a lot of discussions with everyone he does not want to abandon the child too so decided to raise the child by himself.  Then the mother (Jung In Sun) of the child shown up and took the child.  After hearing her circumstances she was let into the guest house as a helper and also live in the guest house.  Kim Jong Hyun character is to nit-pit the mistakes others have done.  He bugged Jung In Sun for not doing the work properly.


Then one day because of cold he and Jung In Sun were isolated as this cold is contagious made to stay in the rooftop in the tent.  While went to take his food that is served by the other he fell down and got hurt his pelvis.  So he could not move anywhere as he wants so asked Jung In Sun for help to move him near restroom.  He who don’t wish to make any disturbance to any other made a lot of commotion and disturbance to Jung In Sun.  After that, he was kind to her and helped her in many ways possible.  When he comes to his senses he started to feel her presence just by listening to her footsteps and he started to bother what she will do and what she does and at some point, he realizes that he likes her.

2. Lee Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung)

Eulachacha Waikiki 4

Lee Yi Kyung who dreamt of becoming a top actor is the eldest in the Guesthouse and also he is the funniest one of all.  He will do all kind of role in order to get recognized in the film industry.  His character is all funny ones and makes the viewer laugh till their stomach hurts.  He will do a lot of crazy stuff with the Bong Doo Sik (Son Seung Won) like human bowling and many more make the viewer laugh.  Even though he is good at acting his circumstances and his bad luck make him look like a bad and so he is not able to be successful.

Eulachacha Waikiki 2

He gets to do a lot of funny stuff for his acting like wearing the wolfman costume all day, Brazilian waxing and much more. It is really hilarious to watch doing all the stuff and he stands out in this drama for his humor sense and acting.  He never sees the Kang Seo Jin (Go Won Hee) as a woman in his whole life and one day he got flustered when Kang Seo Jin proposed to him.  After that thing got to him and he too ended up loving her.  They both date secretly because of Kang Seo Jin’s brother Kang Dong Goo, who oppose them dating.  It is really amusing to watch them giving excuse every time got caught by Kang Dong Goo while kissing.  Then finally Kang Dong Goo accepted their dating and started to threaten them not to break up or he will kill them.

3. Bong Doo Sik (Son Seung Won)


Song Seung Won has a dream of becoming a Story Writer and make that story as a film.  He writes manhwa on the internet and the story about the USA President fights with an alien and later the president became an alien.  Since the story is weird no one will watch it.  Still, he never gives up and does write despite a lot of criticism.  He is working in a convenience store as a part-time and write during free times.  He and Lee Joon Ki is a great combination and do a lot of crazy stuff and create new games for them to play and enjoy them.

Eulachacha Waikiki

Son Seung Won got to work with Min Soo-A who is the ex-girlfriend of Kang Dong Goo.  She created an online shopping company and she became the CEO of the company and made Song Seung Won as a Director of the company.  Min Soo-A designs her own brand of the clothes and markets it. That time he could not bring himself to tell her that the design is very funny and bad.  He bought her clothes so that she might not feel bad about the design.  He just wants her efforts should not go waste so he bought that dress.  Min Soo-A gets to know about that and later after some time she developed a feeling for him.  Then later they started dating.

4. Kang Seo Jin (Go Won Hee)

Eulachacha Waikiki 7

Go Won Hee who is the sister of Kang Dong Goo and she also lives in the guesthouse.  During her childhood, she shaved the hair in the chin by seeing her father did it and now it grows faster.  She has to shave it every two days since it grows faster.  She has a dream of becoming a reporter.  She applied all the company and finally, she decided to take her last interview to become a reporter.  She decided to quit once if she fails this interview too.


Since she felt that she is going to fail because of the prank did by Lee Joon Ki she was mad and depressed.  She got her phone switched with Lee Joon Ki and he attended a call saying she has passed the first round of the exam and she gets to attend the final interview.  He left the shooting set and to buy the time for her by acting funny and weird in front of interviewer until she arrives.  That moment she started to like Lee Joon Ki and confessed her feelings.  He who got flustered by her confession hasn’t accepted her first and later he accepted her.

5. Han Yoon Ah (Jung In Sun)


Jung In Sun is a single mother of the child named Sol.  After hearing her circumstances she was allowed to live the guesthouse as a helper.  She is bad in everything and she causes a lot of problem to them.  Kim Jung Kyun is the one who finds it more irritating and scolded her every time she causes a problem.  He just hates those who cause inconvenience to others.  But one day he got his pelvis and he could not move at all.  The whole day he caused inconvenience to Jung In Sun and in order to repay her kindness he became less grumpy to her and helped her to enter the baking academy.  Soomer he realized that he is in love with her so he confessed her his feelings.  She rejected right away and so he became an unrequited love.  Then after some time she gets to know Kang Dong Goo more and more and started to attract to him unknowingly.  She realized after some time and she accepted his love and started dating.

6. Min Soo-A (Lee Joo Woo)

Eulachacha Waikiki 11

Lee Joo Woo is the ex-girlfriend of Kang Dong Goo and she was a model.  She got conned by the man she loves and she lost all the money she has saved and so she has no other choice but to go to Kang Dong Goo guesthouse.  Kang Dong Goo asked her to stay in the guesthouse for the time being.  That way she gets to enter the Guesthouse.  She became close to Bong Doo Sik (Son Seung Won) after entering the guesthouse.  She teases Son Seung Won all the time and plays pc games with him. She decided to create an online shopping mall and asked son Seung Won to join her in the company.  He halfheartedly accepted the offer and became the director of the company.


At one point she decided to create her own designed clothes and decided to sell in her shopping mall.  Her creation is very funny and strange.  She gave the dress to others in the Guesthouse and asked them to wear it.  They could not tell her that the dress is very bad.  They have worn the cloths when they were in the house since they had no other choice.  She gets to know that Son Seung Won is the one buying all her designed clothes through an online shopping mall.  From that moment on she gets to see him differently.  She could not deny that he is cute.  She confessed him when she was anesthetized for her treatment in hospital.  Later he gets to accept her feeling and started dating.

My Reviews

As for me, this drama is full of energetic and hilarious.  I watched the first episode and I know this drama will become my favorite funny drama of all times.  I just recommend to those who wish to laugh at your heart content.  This is the perfect drama when you feel depressed or not feeling well.

Eulachacha Waikiki 8

Even though this drama has no story this drama has the all kind of thing that makes us laugh from the starting to the end of each episode.  Each episode has a different genre and new characters pop up in each episode and make it look fun to watch.

Eulachacha Waikiki 3

Even Romance in this drama is funny.  Especially Lee Yi Kyung and Go Won Hee romance is really funny.  He shaves her beard and I really laughed till the tears dropped.

There is a certain scene which is really serious and once Lee Yi Kyung enters even those scenes becomes funny.  Just seeing him acting in the drama is fun to watch.  He does a lot of different character in the drama and it is really amusing and refreshing.  He got to work with different actors in the drama and each actor has some strange habits and because of that, he loses his job.

I will give a rating of 10/10 for comedy in the drama.  Overall my rating will be 8.5/10 for this drama.


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