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“Life is hard for everyone.  That is why there is a nice reward at the end of it.”

–  Adam Quinn

The above quote fits this series perfectly.  I get to realize that my life is much better than these people who are striving hard to live this Pityful and difficult life.  If I get to experience those things I don’t know what I might have done.  IU’s acting is marvelous and Lee Sun Kyun too did his part well in this drama.  This drama made me think many things about and life.


My Ahjussi

IU and Lee Sun Kyun on the train in the subway.


My Ahjussi Episode 9 Review:

Lee Sun Kyun and IU met at the subway waiting for the train to come.  They both standing on the train and the IU thinks about Lee Sun Kyun who is friendly and kind to her all these time and also think about what Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) said about Lee Sun Kyun only eat and drink with the person he likes.  As the destination has reached Lee Sun Kyun get off the train while IU failed to get off the train as she is busy thinking about her relationship with Lee Sun Kyun.


My Ahjussi-2

IU who got off the train and running to find Lee Sun Kyun.


Lee Sun Kyun went to the nearby Mart to buy things his mother want to buy.  By that time, IU got off in the next station and took the train back to her destination and she rushes to see where Lee Sun Kyun has gone.  Lee Sun Kyun saw IU who is on the other side of the highway.  They walked home together when IU said that he should become director and fire Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  Lee Sun Kyun asked why she hates Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) so much and she replied that because Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) hates Lee Sun Kyun.


My Ahjussi-3

Lee Sun Kyun and his brothers having a party.


After they parted away from each other Lee Sun Kyun went to the shop where he was invited by his brothers.  There they talked about how pitiful their life and shared their pain.  When the elder brother said that he wants Lee Sun Kyun to stick to the company no matter what, Lee Sun Kyun revealed that he is one of the candidates for Director position.  Out of joy brothers called every one of their mates to Jung Ae shop and had a party.


My Ahjussi-4

Lee Sun Kyun brother imagined him to be in a funeral and everyone came to the funeral.


The next day Lee Sun Kyun got a call from the loan shark who beats IU for killing his father.  He said that “IU stole the Bribe money and tried to pay off her debts and then she realized that the loan shark might report about it to police as a illegal money.  That’s why she returned the money to Lee Sun Kyun”.  After hearing that he decided to stay away from her for now.  When she asked him to eat with her Lee Sun Kyun refused and said “next time”.


My Ahjussi-5

Lee Sun Kyun got a call from the loan shark.


IU find it strange and went to her house and listened to the recording of Lee Sun Kyun handphone.  Where she listened to the unfamiliar call and Lee Sun Kyun reaction to it, she realized that Loan shark Might have called him.  Then to confirm that she called the loan shark and asked did he called Lee Sun Kyun and what he said to him.  Loan shark said that he told him about the money she tried to use to pay off her debts.


My Ahjussi-11

Lee Sun Kyun wife.


Then next day Lee Sun Kyun wife called IU and asked her to leave the company and she will help IU to escape from Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  Lee Sun Kyun wife is still hoping to reconcile with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) so IU said that Lee Sun Kyun knows about her affairs with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).


My Ahjussi-10

IU with cleaning Ahjussi.


After the office was over Lee Sun Kyun went to the cleaning person who returned the money to the disciplinary office.  Where he saw IU picture with the cleaning person.  He said about the IU past.

“IU was abandoned by her mother and she had to live with her grandmother with a lot of debt she had to pay at the very young age.  She was beaten by a loan shark to whom she had to pay a large amount of debt and she stabbed him while trying to protect her grandmother.  Now she is getting beaten by the Loan Shark Son”.

After listening to this Lee Sun Kyun got mad and asked the address of the Loan shark son and departed.  Then the cleaning person informed IU about Lee Sun Kyun visit and he asked about the loan shark address.  IU listened to the Lee Sun Kyun’s handphone which is hacked by her.  Lee Sun Kyun went to meet the Loan Shark and started fighting with the loan shark and asked why is he disturbing IU.

He replied that she killed his father so he is beating her up.  Lee Sun Kyun replied that even if it was him he might have killed the loan shark and started fighting one another.  IU listened to this started to cry since his reply to this made her feel less burdened.


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