Who is your ideal type Kdrama actor based on Personality Game?

Hi, friends Lets play a game based on Personality of the popular Korean actors.  If the personality I mentioned below is true then who is your ideal type Korean actor in KDramas.  This is just for fun.

It is difficult to determine one’s character just by the look of him.  Since I have never met them I have analyzed their character in Korean dramas and then I am writing this article.  Therefore, don’t get the wrong idea and this is all just for fun.

I have selected My top 10 Korean drama actors to make the Ideal type by character list.

1. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

A prince charming but cute type to his girl.

He is the type who gains everyone’s attention on the first sight.  Everyone wants to date a guy like him.  He is a person who tells whatever he wishes to without hesitation.  Looks strong on the outside since everyone looks that way.  But really kind by heart.  He is caring and shows his cute side when he is in love with someone.  Like to give surprises to his girlfriend.

2. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki.gif

Strong, Smart and manly.

He is the type who is strong and does work with dedication.  Since he is smart he will solve any kind of dilemma on his own and get better results.  A successful person and have a strong self-discipline.  When it comes to women he is gentle and kind.  He put forth his life to save others.  He is strong but somehow that looks cute.  He will take care of his loved ones indirectly.

3. Ji Chang Wook


Manly and Tough But Innocent by heart.

He is a man who fights for justice and so he looks tough.  But when you get to know about him he will open up to you and care for you.  He will be an innocent when it comes to dating.  Passionate about what he does and energetic too.  He is not good at expressing his feelings unless other approaches to him.

4. Lee Jong Gi


Strong and bad boy style.

Act cold on the outside but one he is kind by his heart.  He does not want anyone to get hurt because of him.  He will be friendly once he becomes comfortable with others.  He is a reserved person and he will do whatever he wishes to do.  He is bad at expressing his feelings to others.  He hates anyone controlling him.  He wishes to be independent.  He is kind of cute when comes to dating do all kind of cute things to impress the opposition.

5. Lee Jong Suk

lee jong suk.gif

Sweet and caring

He is sweet and caring and strangely cute.  He has a strong sense of justice.  Even though he tries to not involve when he sees injustice he just goes there on his own.  He will be the main lead some time but next moment he will ruin it all.  He is the type who never cared about how others see for what he is.  He does everything without any hesitation.  He is the type who works hard to match up with one he loves.

6. Park Bo Gum

park bo gum.gif

Adorable and responsible.

He is adorable and responsible and so he plans ahead of everything.  He is passionate about what he does and he is romantic.  He will take responsibility for all his actions and does the job neat and clear.  When it comes to dating, he will take care of his girl well.  He is the type who smiles well and make the people around him feel comfortable.

7. Gong Yoo


humourous and romantic.

He is one who has the great sense of humor and he will make everyone happy around him happy by cracking jokes.  He will be soo romantic when it comes to dating.  He will make the girlfriend as a princess.  He will do the job he wishes to do, the one he is very passionate about.

8. Lee Dong Wook

Lee dong wook.gif

Mature and Prankster.

He is the type who loves do pranks often.  He will be a bright one and always laughs and enjoy the life to the fullest.  Sometimes he will be the mature one and do counseling to others.  He is good at what he does and the one who avoids problems.  He will be a really good guy when it comes to dating.  He will make the opposition laugh whenever he had the chance.  Live will be happy when you are with him.

9. Yoo Seung Ho

Yoon Seung Ho.gif

Innocent and caring.

He will look cold on the outside but an innocent by heart and don’t know how to communicate with others.  He does the thing he thinks is right so many people might hate it.  Once he realized his mistake he will definitely tell sorry first and reconcile with one he had a fight with.  He will be caring and has a pure heart and a lonely guy who plays with cats since no friend is there for him.

10. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim soo Hyun

A  man with a definite goal.

He is a who is ambitious and works hard for it until he achieves it.  He is kind and will help anyone who needs support.  He is not open-minded and expressed his opinion without knowing it will hurt others.  He just tells what he thinks about others directly without hesitation.  He has a complicated mind and does a lot of thinking before doing a certain job.

Pick your choice and comment your ideal guy in the comment section below.  It will be fun.


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