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IU and Lee Sun Kyun who are always lonely get to meet each other then started to listen to each other pain and sufferings, comfort each other and started to care for each other.  They became drinking buddies and meet in the restaurant they usually meet and drinks to their heart content.

My Ahjussi9

The last episode ends with the good ending as IU and Lee Sun Kyun laughed suddenly while drinking and the Loan Shark who wants to who followed IU got to see them smiling.  There was a sudden tremor in the building of the restaurant and the owner of the restaurant asked if this building will last.  So, to check that he went outside where he attached some instruments to check the building durability and endurance.  After checking it he said that there is no problem in here so don’t worry about the building.

my ahjussi

On their way home IU asked him why he is helping that restaurant owner for free.  He said that it is his neighborhood and he has to do something about it.  It was unusual for IU as she said “Fighting” to Lee Sun Kyun after the long pillow talk.

When he reached he saw his wife looks so sad and sitting in the dark room.  He somehow realized that Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) might have broken up with her.  Then he asked her to sleep and left the place without saying anything.

my ahjussi2

In the office next day, people from Director Park came to him and asked for his help to get rid of Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) and offered him to become a director of the company.  But Lee Sun Kyun refused this offer and he said that his current position is more than enough for him.

Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) who has to break up with Lee Sun Kyun wife in order to save his position in the company called Lee Sun Kyun’s wife.  But she hasn’t answered his calls all day and so he went to the apartment where they usually meet.  He couldn’t find her in there too so he got anxious about this and waited for her in that room until she shows up.

my ahjussi3

That day Lee Sun Kyun and his wife went to the Lee Sun Kyun’s mother birthday party at night.  Lee Sun Kyun saw his wife is looking the handphone all day and got nervous about this and watched her all day what she is doing.  After the party was over she said that she has to go to the office for work.  But Lee Sun Kyun know she was going to meet Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) so he tried stopping her and failed to do that.  Instead, she got angry with Lee Sun Kyun.  How pitiful our Lee Sun Kyun can be as he is trying hard to play along with his wife as she is very obvious about her affair.

my ahjussi4

Finally, she met with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) who is waiting for her in the apartment.  He asked her to break up with him because someone is prying on him to get a chance to get rid of him in the company.  After a long discussion, they decided to break up in the end.  Lee Sun Kyun who was left all alone after he parted with his wife he walked in the street and got so worked up and said “Fighting” as he walked home.

The loan Shark who is chasing IU pickpocketed Lee Sun Kyun’s wallet and checked who he his and where he is workings.Now he got curious about how IU get to know her so he called to the Lee Sun Kyun office and asked for IU.  They replied that IU has not come to the office today.  With this, he confirmed that from where she is getting money to pay her debts.  So he decided to go to see her in the office but she came to his office instead to get Lee Sun Kyun’s wallet.

my ahjussi6

IU warned Loan shark that if he goes near to Lee Sun Kyun or disturbs him she will kill him for sure.  She also said that I have killed one before so it will not be difficult to kill another.  Then she returned Lee Sun Kyun’s wallet by complaining missed items in the cafe.

my ahjussi8

There was an emergency meeting in the office about making Lee Sun Kyun into the candidate for next director.  Despite few oppositions for this decisions he was selected as a candidate for Director post of the company.  All the colleagues of the Lee Sun Kyun congratulated him for becoming a candidate for Director position.

my ahjussi9

After hearing this news Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) called IU for a meeting in the bar and asked her to date Lee Sun Kyun for real and dump him when the times comes.  She got furious about the idea but she looked happy about dating him.  Anyway, this drama is not a love story so we don’t need to think about their romance in this drama.  All they do is to talk each other worries and sadness and comforting each other.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review.. really enjoyed the drama so far.. i know this’s not a romance drama, yet wish some sweet n nice momments happen to Ji An and Dong Hoon, they both is so pityful..

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  2. I found that this episode and the last one just flew by. It’s riveting TV. In amongst it all, I find myself wanting the brothers, the bar owner and the actress to have a much better life. As for IU’s character, I hope she stays one step ahead of things. She also needs to tell Lee Sun Kyun’s wife what Do Joon Young is planning (What a callous wimp). Just wonderful acting and storytelling all round.


    • Ya me too enjoying this show. In the preview of the episode 9 IU tell Lee Sun Kyun that she hate  Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) because he wants to get rid of Lee Sun Kyun. I am sure next episode will be interesting as previous episodes.


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