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Top 15 Must-Watch High School ( 학교 드라마 ) KDrama | Best High School drama of all times

As for the high school Korean drama series, I have been following all those dramas for the past 5 Years and made this list Based on the popularity and reviews of the drama.  These dramas are the popular one around here so If you are new to Korean Dramas here is the list of High School dramas.

High school dramas are popular among the students of around 14 – 22 Years old.  So I hope they will like the list I have prepared for them.

15. Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Korean Drama sets in the Joseon period where a girl who is good in studies but she was not allowed to study because she is a girl.  So the girl disguised as a man and joined the Sungkyunkwan School and studied along with men.

sungkyunkwan scandal

This drama is quite good historical fiction drama since this drama portrays how the schools from the Joseon works and the way of the people learn everything.  We know that by the time of Joseon we are ignorant and in the process of discovering new thing at that time.  This drama portrays the life of ancestors of Korea.

14. School 2013:

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk both gained popularity after their casting in this drama.  Usually, school series find new talents and make them popular.  There are a lot of famous actors become popular after casting in school series in the past.  Actors like Jang Hyuk, Kim Rae Won and such…

school 2013

In my opinion, this drama is quite good and I totally enjoyed watching this drama.  Jang Nara also cast in this drama as a home teacher who works hard to help the students to get higher grades.

 13. Thumping Spike:

In this series Hwang Seung Yeon who is a famous volleyball player and got injured during the match and now due to certain circumstances she was forced to teach Daehan high school as a coach.  The storyline is good in this drama and the characters are well made.  Even though it is a short web drama I personally like this drama very much.

thumping spike

The Chemistry between Hwang Seung Yeon and Song Jae Rim is romantic.  It is a must watch one as a school drama lovers.

12. Heartstrings:

‘Heartstrings’ is the drama based on music school where new talents emerge from the scratch and make a debut and become popular.  Actress Park Shin Hye and CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa are the main leads in this drama and they both did a good job playing their roles as a new talent.


As for me, the Songs of the drama is good especially the one Park Shin Hye sang on the stage.  The drama starts with a one-sided love and then as it progresses they both started liking each other.  A must watch drama for K-pop lovers.

11. King of High School:

King of High School is the story about a high school boy who had to for his twin brother who went missing and asked him to pretend to be him in the office of a reputed company.  The story is quite interesting and good.  He met a woman in the office who is the secretary of him.king of high school

Seo In Guk and Lee Hana is the main lead in this drama.  I am sure everyone will like it.  I watched this drama while it was ongoing and I remember I watched this drama without subtitles on the day of episode release and then with subtitles on the next day.

10. Dream High:

Dream High is a quite good music drama which has many popular K-Pop members cast in this drama.  I watched this drama before I know about K-pop and Korean music.  After watching this drama I got interested in Korean Music and searched the internet every K-pop group I can find and listened to those songs.

dream High

Now I only listen to Korean songs and OSTs and I stopped listening to local music and songs.  I became a die-hard fan of K-pop after this drama.  Even though I don’t know about Korean music when I watched this drama I felt attracted to this drama.

9. To the Beautiful You:

A popular All boys High School high jump player (Choi Min Ho), who went national inspired a girl (Sulli) when she is having hard times.  So she came to all boy high school and impersonated as a boy in order to meet Choi Min Ho.  Now they both share the same room in the Dorm.

to the beautiful you

The girl impersonated as a boy in this drama is the new genre when I started watching Korean drama and I got interested in this drama.  Of all the high school drama I have watched I like this drama more that time.  They both help each other and the romance also happened at the same time. There are other Characters like Kang Haneul and Kim Ji Won who also became the main lead in other Korean drama in the future.

8. Longing Heart:

Longing Heart is the recently released time travel drama where 29 years old teacher who travels back in time and where he met his first love and decide to make his first love come true.  A quite romantic drama actually and also a lot of twist in this drama makes the drama more interesting and fun.

longing heart

I recommend this drama a must watch one since it is more fun to watch and the love triangle between his past self and present self and  Lee Yeol Eum is fun to watch.  The Lee Jung Shin who time traveled and met his first live Lee Yeol Eum.

7. Playful Kiss:

This is the first drama I have ever seen in my life and I got addicted to Korean drama after watching this drama.  This is a story of a girl who loves a popular boy in his class.  I think everyone will love this drama if it was the first time.  Maybe many people will wish to have a boyfriend like that.

Playful Kiss

Jung So Min character in this drama is soo cute and her ignorance and stupidity is her charm in this drama and I enjoyed watching it.  Kim Hyun Joong who played a bad boy style character and showed his charisma in this drama.

6. High School Love on:

High school Love on is a romance between a human boy and an angel who lost her power as an angel and living with a poor boy who goes to school.  She also decided to go to school with him.

high school love on

The romance between human and angel, just listening to this will make everyone curious about this drama.  This drama is worth watching and I Guarantee you will never regret watching it.

5. School 2017:

This drama too recently released one and Kim Se Jeong plays a lead role.  A girl who is lowest in the class and also she got into a rumor of being acquainted with ‘X’ who uncovers the corruption of the school and expose it to everyone.  Kim Jung Hyun who is the son of the director of the school is the ‘X’.


Kim Se Jeong got to know the truth about ‘X’ and she and few others worked together to uncover the corruption of the school.  The romance between and Kim Se Jeong and Kim Jung Hyun was cute.  Kim Sejeong ‘Agyeo’ in this drama is noteworthy.  Agyeo means acting cute.

4. Go Saussy Go Go:

Saussy Go Go is the series where Eun Ji who is the poor student in the school and the president of Cheerleader Club.  She worked hard for the club now the club to about to close and she has to prevent that from happening.  Chae Soo Bin who is a close friend of Eun Ji, is not fond of Eun Ji and hated her for goofing around.


At the same time, Lee Won Geum who is the top student in the school met Eun Ji by accident and he makes fun of her and hangs out with her.  Soon he started liking her.

In My opinion, this drama is good and I will give 9/10 rating for this drama.

3. The Heirs:

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is the main lead in this drama.  The plot is about a rich boy who went to the US for studying and where he met Park Shin Hye for the first time and fall in love with her.  After that, he returned to Korea and he saw Park Shin Hye in his house.  To his surprise, she is the daughter of the maid in his house.  Due to certain circumstances, she got to live in maid room.

the heirs

Then Lee Min Ho father got her into the most famous school in Korea where only rich people study.  The students bully those who came to school as a scholarship and poor students.  Lee Min Ho too entered the school helped her from bullying.  The story and the screenplay in this drama are good and the many other popular actor casts in this drama made it a popular one.

2. Who are you: School 2015

‘Who are you school 2015’ is the best school series I have ever watched and Kim So Hyun acting in this drama was good and she is really cute.  This drama has a lot of mysteries and every episode make us curious about the next episode and the story is well written.


Out of all the School Series, I am sure this will be everyone’s favorite.  The double-acting of Kim So Hyun was good and BTOB Yook Sung Jae.  Many of the fans wanted Yook Sung Jae to be the main lead in this series instead of Nam Joo Hyuk.  My only disappointment in this drama is that final couple will be Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim So Hyun instead of Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun.  I rooted for Yook Sung Jae to the very end and disappointed at the end.

1. Boys Over Flowers:

I am sure Boys over flowers is everyone’s favorite.  Many of my friends got to like Korean drama because of this drama.  The story of a rich boy who somehow fell in love with a poor girl who transferred to his school.  The story was well made and the drama was good too.

Boys over flowers

As for me, I have watched this drama 10-15 times and I still don’t feel sick of watching it.  Lee Min Ho plays the lead role in this drama as a member of F4 leader and Kim Hyun Joong also there in this drama as an F4 member.  A lot of other Cast too who got popular after this drama.  Ku Hye Sun who played as the female lead is perfect for this drama and showed her best acting in this drama.

For detailed plot and actors of the drama listed above see this video below:

Other Honourable mentions:

I know everyone knows about Reply series and Reply series has a lot of fans.  Somehow I hate to watch Reply series and I don’t know why.   Maybe I have watched many High School dramas and got sick of it.  But I don’t like it.  So please don’t make a negative comment because I haven’t added this drama in this list.


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  1. The first ever kdrama I watched was ‘Boys over flowers’ which me and my friends thoroughly enjoyed. Since then, we have watched numerous dramas spanning over q lot of genres. There are ones in your list which I have and haven’t watched. I have taken note of this and will watch the others too. I too review kdramas amongst the many other things on my blog. I have made sure to follow your blog to read more! Great job!

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