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Hi everyone, Finally My Ahjussi Episode 5 is released and I am feeling depressed after watching this episode.  I am almost cried after watching this episode.  Until the last episode, IU is trying to take down Lee Sun Kyun and now after seeing his life as pathetic as hers, she tried to help him.

My Ahjussi Episode 5:

IU listened to every word Lee Sun Kyun is making over the bugged phone and monitoring what he is doing after office work. He has been goofing around after office and met his brothers and drink all the time.

One day he met Director Park who was kicked out of the office by  Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  He said that he had Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) phone record and he is very thorough and he could not find anything from it.  And gave the record to Lee Sun Kyun and said that maybe he could find it.  This conversation has been recorded by IU and sends it to the Disciplinary Committee.


Then one day Lee Sun Kyun saw IU is pulling a cart on the way home.  Then he followed her and came near to see what she is pulling in the cart.  Then he saw her grandmother is sitting in the cart and that she is trying to help her grandmother out of the house and get some fresh air.  Since her grandmother wanted to see the moon they went to see the moon.

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Her grandmother asked about Lee Sun Kyun and said that he looks like a good person.  Then they came back home and saw that Lee Sun Kyun is waiting for them.  He helped her grandmother by piggybacking her and carried her to the house.  Then he said that she is a good person.  She was little shocked to hear that she is a good person.  Then left home.


Maybe this incident made her helped him to find the mistake that Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) made to him and why Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min)  is trying to make him leave the company.

There is also another incident made her run to him to help him.  Here while Lee Sun Kyun and his subordinates came out of the office and to attend company dinner, Lee Sun Kyun asked IU to join the Company dinner.  Where Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) also attended and one of Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) subordinate called Lee sun Kyun and said to serve Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).  Everyone there knows that Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) is a College junior of Lee Sun Kyun and he is disrespected because of his low position in the company.

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One of Lee Sun Kyun subordinate got worked up and asked Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) that Lee Sun Kyun is your senior in college and why are you disrespecting him in office.  Why are you looking down on him because he is just a team leader?.  Do Joon Young’s (Kim Young-min)  subordinate get into a fight with the Lee Sun Kyun’s Subordinate and in the fight, Lee Sun Kyun got pushed down.  It was a great disgrace to Lee Sun Kyun and it happened in front of everyone in the office.

Then he left the place and walked like crazy and IU listened through the bugged phone and his breath sound and his dragging footsteps.  He slipped on the snowy road and unable to get up be because he drunk too much.  IU then got pity for him and run to him to save him.  As murmured ‘ I am not going to die here’ and got up and walked on his own and reached home.


Next day Lee Sun Kyun decided to find out Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) secret with the call record he got from Director Park.  In that record, he found out an unreachable number from where he got called every day and he could not figure it out it is a Public Payphone booth where all you can do is call and you won’t call that phone.  IU listened to this conversation and tipped him about the Public Payphone.


Then he decided to find the location of the Payphone from where he is getting the calls from.  Then he finally found out about the location and went to see the Pay Phone and saw his wife coming out of the office in front of the Public Payphone booth.  He realized it was his wife that called Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) daily over that Pay Phone.

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