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I Know it is a bit late to give a review since it has reached episode 8 already.  I am just busy developing my site and updating my youtube channel.  I have decided on giving this review for those who are dropping this drama in between because the drama is full of the daily routine of the police.  I decided to drop this drama at the beginning but at one point I realized my life is as miserable as they are, we all do.  But outside we do look happy with the sorrow and worries inside us.

Sorry I got sentimental at the very first itself.  I am preparing for governments too and it’s been two years and I couldn’t land a job, just as the Lee Kwang Soo character in the drama.  Maybe it is not a big deal for those who got the got right away in the one or two attempt but life becomes difficult without a proper job.

Lee Kwang Soo a famous actor and Entertainer popular all over the world.  I am sure many people know about this and that is why they are watching this drama.  Lee Kwang Soo became popular because of Running Man.  If You are a running man fan you might know about his character.  He is a betrayer in Running Man and also a very funny person.  When I am depressed I watch running man to improve the mood.

Lee Kwang Soo’s Live Drama Reviews:

This drama has a unique plot than any other drama.  This drama is about the life of police and the problems and cases that happens around them and the way they solve them.

At first Lee Kwang Soo works at a small company as a temporary employee and he was sure that he will become a permanent employee.  But one day he went to the office, but there are a lot of people fighting and shouting to give their money.  He realized that the company people conned them and now he has left with nothing no job and no money.  He could not get the salary he was supposed to get for past few months.  On the way to leave the office, he saw a poster of police recruitment.Though he was frustrated he has no choice to do so he went to the class for police exams and studied hard and then passed the exam.


Jung Yu Mi too tried her best to get a job in a company and no company is ready to take her.  With the frustration of failing an interview,  on her way to home by the train she saw a poster for the police recruitment.  She too got into the class and tried the police exam and passed.

Lee Kwang Soo and Jung Yu Mi both entered the police training school where they trained hard and few quit because of the trainer who is too strict and constantly threaten them that he reduce points.  They first met at the end of the training on the rooftop and got acquainted.  After that, they got to meet at the same police station and become close friends.

As a police, they have to do all kind of stuff since they are newbies and has no experience.  They have to lot of stuff like cleaning the vomit made by the drunk people who end up in the police station.  So they wanted to have a real case to solve as a police officer instead of cleaning and caretaking.

live 4

One day there is a report that a drunk woman is getting beaten by the drunken man.  The others decided to give this case to newbies.  They all went to the scene where everyone went to help the women then Lee Kwang Soo who stopped the drunken man got beaten by him and pushed by him near the roadside.  Lee Kwang Soo though that he is a civilian and if he beats him he might get a penalty.  But Oh Young Chun who is the in charge of Lee Kwang Soo get into the scene and saved him.  He also said that if the drunken man pushed him hard he might have ended up in a car accident and said that “did you forgot the rules”.

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Even though it is not a big deal the incident shows how a police should react in that situation.  This is the first case that the newbies had assigned and Lee Kwang Soo got a penalty for not knowing the rules that ” if a civilian attacked the police then that moment on he will become an offender so that he could fight back as a police officer and Handcuff him”.

After that, they get to deal with many big cases like attempt murder, and such.  Now Lee Kwang Soo got a crush on Jung Yu Mi but she had an affection for the fellow senior officer who helped her during difficult times.  So he was unable to express his feeling for her.  I am curious how their relationship will become in this drama.

In the last drama, Entourage and the cameo in The Best Hit, Lee Kwang Soo shared a kiss with the fellow actresses.  I am curious about this drama.

live 2

Although the story is slow and sometimes little boring talk with family overall the drama is doing great.  All the character in the drama is good and perfect for the job.   Catching the criminal in this drama is completely different from other drama.  The drama gives the detailed analysis and plan of the case and catches the criminal.

Lee Kwang Soo transformation in this drama is quite new as we all know what kind of character he is in running man.  I really liked his character in this drama.  Personally, I am a running man and especially Lee Kwang Soo fan.  So maybe I am the one thinking that way.


I have seen the rating of the drama and it was quite good.  The first episode got 4.8% in Seoul National Capital Area and then slowly rising in popularity.  Now In Episode 8, it is around 6.2% and the drama keeps getting interesting.  I don’t know why but the Subtitle in this drama is not available the next day to the official airing.  It takes 3-5 days for the subtitle for the drama to avail.  I always have to watch the drama without subtitles.  Its been a while I started watching the Korean drama without subtitles.  I feel comfortable with that only few technical words are the problem but other than that I am comfortable watching dramas without subtitles.

I recommend every one to watch this drama I am giving a rating of 8/10.  Those two points I reduced because the drama is too slow and some unwanted family affairs.

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  1. I was so excited because this is Kwang Soo first lead role and I had really high expectation but first episodes for me were boring and really 1h felt really long. I didn’t drop this drama because of Kwang Soo so the drama itself wasn’t quite suitable for me Anyway I still wish Kwang Soo’s drama the best ❤


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