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Hi everyone, have you seen My Ahjussi Korean Drama.  If not I will give the review of the drama so that you can decide whether you should watch or not.  There is only 4 Episodes release as of now and I find the drama interesting and more tragic story.  If you are strong at heart then watch since this drama tends to make viewers more sad and depressed.

My Ahjussi Episode 4:

By the end of the last episode that is Episode 3, IU Kissed Lee Sun Kyun and left.  Lee Sun Kyun got taken back and yelled at her.  Then the next morning Lee Sun Kyun went to IU and asked to leave the project.  Everyone in the office starring at them and asking what had happened.


Then later that day Director Park met with the director and said that it is not a mistake made by him and it is some kind of setup made by Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min), who is blinded for power.  Then showed some evidence that the Phone has not been gone out of battery and that it was switched off by someone else.  He suspected that it is a planned attempt to make Director Park make a mistake.  But the director said that it is not in his power to reinstallation of his job and he has to wait and step down from the position.

After Director park left the office that day, IU met Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) and asked for the money that he promised to give if she made Director Park to leave the office.


Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min)  gave money to her in a cultural place where a lot of tourists come.   As I suspected, he scolded her for making it too obvious to everyone to find out who has done it.  But she said she wants money urgently so she had to do it quickly.  Then she said that she already made a move on Lee Sun Kyun.  Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) got intimated by her personality and asked her who she?.

Next day she uploaded the photo of her kissing with Lee Sun Kyun who in the portal site where one of the employees uses.  But after seeing the photo it clearly shows that IU is the one who is kissing him without his permission as she is leaning to kiss him as he is tall. So he made her leave the project.  After that, she realized that it won’t work against him and removed from the site she uploaded.


Then Lee Sun Kyun cut his ties with her and ignored her.  She went to pay the remaining money she has to pay to the money lender.  IU asked him to give the receipt for paying the remaining money she has to pay. By then she said that she is not sorry for killing his father.  The moneylender father got killed by IU as he is abusing her grandmother.  Now I understand why the money lender is obsessed with abusing IU for money.

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In the meantime, Lee Sun Kyun brothers started working in a cleaning company.  While he was cleaning some landlord abused him older brother that he will change to the new cleaning company.  When he was kneeling down to beg for his forgiveness his mother saw that.  While three brothers are drinking soju, the older brother started crying and said what had happened.


Lee Sun Kyun got mad and went to the Land Lord who abused him and asked him to beg for forgiveness.  When the landlord said him to get lost Lee Sun Kyun took his hammer and smashed the wall and said that his building will be examined by Lee Sun Kyun company and threatened him that if he doesn’t beg for forgiveness he will make him pay and report him building that it is not safe.  The landlord got scared and went to Lee Sun Kyun older brother and begged for forgiveness.


IU Who listened to every conversation he is making started showing some reactions.  She cried as he is very much similar to her and his action made her cry.


Episode 5 Preview:

In the preview of Episode 5,  Lee Sun Kyun asked where are you going and saw that IU’s grandmother in the carriage so he helped her grandmother by piggybacking her.  This show that they become close.


Lee Sun Kyun got into the fight with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) underling who looked down on Lee Sun Kyun and said harsh things against him.

Director Park asked Lee Sun Kyun to find out what wrong Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) has done to him as he is trying to make Lee Sun Kyun leave the company.

Jang Nara came into the picture and she seems to know the younger brother of the family who wishes to become a Cinema director.


Then IU tells that “taking down the director, this means he will we be fired right away”.  This word has two meanings one she is either trying to help Lee Sun Kyun or she is still trying to take Lee Sun Kyun down.

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  1. On the episode 4, when Ji An confronts Jung Chae-Ryung about having an affair with co-workers, she say that Chae-Ryung was in the conference room with Manager Park Dong Hoon? So, Manager Park betrayed his wife too? In the middle of discussion, appears a flashback which Chand Ryung leaving a room, and, after her, a man, who doen’t looks like Park… I’m really confused.

    I’m asking that cuz I don’t know if it’s an issue from my subs or it’s for real .-.


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