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My Mister (My Ahjussi) K-Drama Episode 3 | Korean Drama Reviews

In the last episode (episode 2), IU made a deal with Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) that she will get rid of Lee Sun Kyun and Director Park from the company for the pay of 10 Million each. But I never thought that she would do it. Finally, she made both of them be fired from the company.


Lee Sun Kyun talks to the Director Park about the way to find the Bribe money sender.

The one who helps her in this deal was the gamer who helped her in moving the grandmother from the hospital. It seems like he is a hacker who hacked the phone of Lee Sun Kyun and listened to his every conversation over the phone. After his phone got hacked Lee Sun Kyun realized there is a way to find the sender of the Bribe money he received. So he called Director Park and talked about this and they decided to work together. At the same time, IU listened to every conversation and tipped Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) about the plan they are scheming to find the culprit.

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She then made the hacker guy to follow the director park and added a drug the fell asleep and made him not to reach the meeting that is supposed to happen. This incident made director park to resign from the company.

After getting rid of Director Park she called Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) to get the 10 Million Won ready. Then she decided to make Lee Sun Kyun fired. He talked to his brother about the bribe money that he is not the person who would throw away the money of 50 Million Won. IU recorded the conversation and decided that to use against him.


IU is listening to the conversation Lee Sun Kyun is making with his brother about the money he might have received.

In the previous episode, IU asked Kim Sun Kyun to buy food for a month for the payment of the money she threw it into the dustbin. But he does not feel right about it so he gave her the money and she rejected it. Then he said that you can reveal about the money that he is not the one who threw it away but she is the one who did that and then he left the place. IU followed him and kissed him and made the hacker guy to take a photo of them kissing. Episode 3 ended with the kiss.

Episode 4 Preview:

In the Episode 4 preview Lee Sun Kyun got kicked out of the company and knew that IU was the one who did it. He asked IU that “did your parents know what you are doing” Then she replied that “did your parents know that you live like that”. Then Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) asked why did you get rid of him sooner.


IU received the money from Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).

My Opinion of how the story might progress:

After kissing Lee Sun Kyun she will leave and publish the evidence of his confession of he might accept the money and the kiss in the company portal. Then Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min) got infuriated for getting rid of him sooner so that he will get suspected of doing so or he was suspected of doing that and the higher officers decided to follow Do Joon Young (Kim Young-min).


The family broke out after they received the news of Lee Sun Kyun being fired from the company.

So he got mad and scolded IU for getting rid of sooner. Anyway, she got the money she was supposed to get. That is all I could guess from the preview.

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