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[K-Drama Guide] Websites To watch Korean Drama for Free | K-Drama and K-Shows

Where to watch Korean Drama for free?   Which Site is the best to watch Korean Drama?  Many K-Drama lovers wish to know about that.  I am giving an Overview of the number of sites around where you can watch the Korean Drama for free.

In this post, I will Make a list of websites which I find more useful to watch Korean
Dramas.  All the sites mentioned below might change their domain due to Copyrights reasons, so keep that in mind.  I am following only three websites only they are,

  1. My Asian Tv
  2. DramaCool
  3. KissAsian

#1. My Asian Tv  (watch Korean Drama free)

This site contains all the new Korean dramas and some old Popular Dramas.  This also contains new Korean movies too.


The reason I find This site useful is that the all the new drama list will be on the main page and you don’t need to find New ongoing drama you are looking for. This site is only for the Korean Dramas.  There won’t be any K-shows in this site.  Only running man will be available on this site.

In this site videos, Buffering was good and you can fast forward without much difficulty due to buffering.

The only drawback is that the new drama won’t be available in 360, 480 format for the first two days from the day it aired. There is only one server only and so if the server is down you cannot watch Korean Drama.

Check out my YouTube Channel For Korean drama list


#2. DramaCool  (watch Korean Drama free)

In this site, You can find all the dramas and K-shows you wish to watch.  Here they update Many other language dramas like Chinese, Hongkong, Japanese, Taiwanese and some Indian dramas too.  Here Korean Movies, Chinese movies, and other Asian movies will be available.


The site buffering speed was good but fast-forwarding the video on the site is not that great.  Sometimes the video got struct in between and buffer.  The main advantage of this site is that they update new drama earlier than any other sites I have ever seen.  They update the video right after 3-5 hours after the time it aired in Korea.

The site has many servers so that you can use which server suites you the best.  Rapid Share is the server I use to watch videos.  There are other servers like OPENLOAD, Standard Server, KVID, THEVIDEO, ESTREAM.

The Standard Server loading time was good but the video won’t be available in 360, 480 formats.

#3. KissAsian  (watch Korean Drama free)

I am sure many people will use KissAsian as it is a popular site around here.  In this site, they make subtitles early for popular dramas.  Here too you can only watch Korean Dramas and the K-show are not available on this site.  Instead, Other Asian language dramas are available here.


In this site, there are four servers available to watch the drama.  They are FB, RapidShare, OVERLOAD and KissAsian Beta.  KissAsian Beta has good buffering speed but sometimes the video buffering won’t work well.  So RapidShare server the best option around here.  OPENLOAD won’t work in my country maybe it will work in your country so that you can use that server for your convenience.


There are other sites too to watch Korean dramas and variety shows.  Here is the list of sites that many people use to watch Korean dramas.

#1. NewAsianTv  (watch Korean Drama free)

In this site, there are three servers namely, V.I.P, V.I.P-2, and Extended-1.  Buffering time of this site is higher and also sometimes the V.I.P servers won’t work properly.  Here you can find all the other Asian dramas too.

#2. DramaFire  (watch Korean Drama free)

Here RapidShare and OPENLOAD are the two servers available.  As mentioned above RapidShare is the good server which provides 360,480,720 quality videos.  OPENLOAD is not available in certain countries.  Here K-shows are available too.

#3. GoodDrama  (watch Korean Drama free)

Here all the drama are available but the video buffering is bad and the 60 Minutes episode is split into three or four parts.  So it is irritating to watch on this site as it buffers all the time and difficult to change the video every 10 to 15 minutes.

#4. DramaGo  (watch Korean Drama free)

This site is similar to the GoodDrama site.  Load time is higher and the video is split into four halves.

#5. viewasian.com  (watch Korean Drama free)

Here there are so many popups and ads and it is annoying.  The video is also taking a lot of time to load and some servers are not working.

#6. OnDramaNice  (watch Korean Drama free)

This site is nice and the site is similar to DramaCool which I Mentioned before.  All the servers in the DramaCool are present here and buffering time is good too.  I recommend this site too.

#7. DramaGalaxy  (watch Korean Drama free)

This site is similar to Good Drama and DramaGo sites as mentioned above.  The video is split into four parts and the buffering is bad too.


These sites are exclusively for the Korean variety shows.  Following sites are the sites where you can find all the Korean shows, Music related programs, and Variety Shows.

#1. KShow123

This site contains two servers, Dailymotion and Google.  Dailymotion is not working in certain Countries.  Google server is good for loading and the buffering is good too.

#2. IKshow

Even though this site has only one server, the video buffering is good and you can watch shows without interference on this site.

#3. KShowOnline

This has three servers namely, StreamMango, RapidShare, and OPENLOAD.  This site is also good the watch the K-shows You like to watch.

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