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My Mister (My Ahjussi) Korean Drama


  • Drama Name:  My Mister, My Ahjussi
  • Korean Name:   나의 아저씨
  • Episodes:  16
  • Release Date:  March 21, 2018 – ?.

 For OST Songs Lists of the drama Scroll down below:


  • Lee Sun-Kyun as Park Dong-hoon
  • Lee Ji-Eun (IU) as Lee Ji-an
  • Lee Ji-ah as Kang Yoon-hee


IU who is working in a Construction company as a temporary employee along with Lee Sun Kyun is living a hard life with a lot of Debt and taking care of her grandmother who is aged and bedridden.  While Lee Sun Kyun who is also working in that company is also a pitiful character with difficult circumstances.  Both of them help each other and comfort each other.


At first, I thought that the story will be just like other Korean drama plots and decided to drop on the first episode but at the end of the first episode, IU steals the money form the co-worker Lee Sun Kyun who received as a bribery.  She was good and her acting in this Korean drama was really applaudable.


She stole the money and paid her Dept and then stole the money from the Loan Shark and returned the money to the Company.  She has no facial expression or whatsoever as she did everything and she is cold as ice.

In the next episode, she made a deal with a higher up to get rid of a higherup rival and the Lee Sun Kyun from whom she stole the money.  This drama has a lot of twists and the storyline is good just like the Recently Completed Drama ‘Just Between Lovers’

I heard that the IU fans do not like her to cast this drama.  But her acting was good.

As for me, I am really looking forward to the next episode.  I hope you will like it too.

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My Mister (My Ahjussi) Korean drama OST Lists:

My Mister (My Ahjussi) All Song has not been released yet.  But the following songs are really good.

1. 이희문 – 그 사나이 My Mister OST Part 1 / 나의 아저씨 OST Part 1

2. My Mister (My Ahjussi)  Sondia – Adult (어른) OST

3. An Ordinary Day – 보통의 하루 – Jung Seung Hwan

4. Jehwi (제휘) Dear Moon | My Mister (나의 아저씨) OST

5. Ko Woo Rim (고우림) – One Million Roses (백만송이 장미) My Mister (나의 아저씨) OST

6. Vincent Blue (김민승) – There Is A Rainbow (무지개는 있다) My Mister (나의 아저씨) OST

7. Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언) – My Reflection In My Heart (내 마음에 비친 내 모습)

Other OSTs will be released soon.  I will update later.


Check here for detailed review My Mister (My Ahjussi) Korean Drama 


1. Is ‘My Mister (My Ahjussi) ‘ worth watching?

This drama is worth watching I just watched first two episodes IU acting was good and this drama just like the ‘Just Between Lovers’ with very pitiful characters and sad plot.  I like to watch this drama.

2. Any Drama like ‘My Mister (My Ahjussi) ‘?

As I mentioned above I like this drama mainly because of its pitiful characters and story.  The drama that is similar to this will be

  • Just between lovers

3. ‘My Mister (My Ahjussi)’  Drama OST suggestions:

My top and favorite OST in My Mister ‘(My Ahjussi)’  is,

  1. My Mister (My Ahjussi)  Sondia – Adult (어른) OST

  2. Vincent Blue (김민승) – There Is A Rainbow (무지개는 있다) My Mister (나의 아저씨) OST

Even though only one song is released in this drama I really like that song.  A Very emotional song too.  If you are emotional song lovers you will definitely like it.

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